Surabaya Museums and Art Galleries

(Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia)

There are a handful of appealing museums around central Surabaya, providing an insight into the Indonesia of yesteryear. Both the Museum Mpu Tantular and the Monumen Kapal Selam stand out in Surabaya as worthy attractions, with the latter also being known as the Submarine Monument and filled with maritime memorabilia.

Situated within the characterful 'Old Surabaya' district, the House of Sampoerna is an attractive Dutch-colonial building, built in the middle of the 19th century and formerly operating as a rather grand orphanage. Now very much a historical site of great local importance, the House of Sampoerna has become a major magnet for tourists, since it houses both a museum and a fine art gallery, as well as being home to a popular cafe and gift shop.

House of Sampoerna

Address: Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya, Indonesia, ID
Tel: +62 031 353 9000
The House of Sampoerna complex comprises a central auditorium space, together with two further buildings and some barns. Also onsite is a fully functioning production line for the country's famous 'Dji Sam Soe', allowing you the chance to observe these workers hand-rolling 'Kretek' cigarettes with incredible speed and dexterity.
Open hours: daily - 09:00 to 22:00, seasonal variations
Admission: charge

Museum Mpu Tantular

Address: Jalan Taman Mayangkara, Surabaya, Indonesia, ID
The Museum Mpu Tantular lies directly to the south of the city centre and is well worth making time to visit, being conveniently close to the zoo. There are some fascinating exhibits housed here, including a number of ancient fossils and skeletons of early 'homo sapiens', discovered from around the Brantas delta area. Also of interest are some valuable artefacts relating to the Majapahit era, East Java's former kingdom.
Open hours: hours vary
Admission: charge

Monumen Kapal Selam / Submarine Monument (Monkasel)

Address: Jalan Permuda 39, Surabaya, Indonesia, ID
Tel: +62 031 7097 2150
An unusual attraction located within the city centre, the Submarine Monument is actually a retired Russian submarine, which is officially named the 'Pasopati' and now serves as something of a museum, whilst honouring the lives of those who fought in the Arafura sea battle with the Dutch, in 1962. Sited alongside the Kalimas River and originating from the country's Navy Armada, the Surabaya Submarine Monument (Monumen Kapal Selam) is conveniently close to Swarga Park and several good cafes. Step inside the submarine and you will find some interesting information about the region's rich maritime heritage, as well as some scenes recreated with dioramas, and videos documenting the life of the Indonesian navy.
Open hours: Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 20:00, Saturday and Sunday - 08:00 to 22:00
Admission: charge