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Elephanta Caves
Beautiful island and an enjoyable fifty minute boat trip to get there from the Gate of India. Still pictures only are allowed in the caves - no movies. Wild dogs and monkeys abound. The one hundred plus stairs up to the caves should be taken slowly or hire some of the locals to carry you up.
Posted on 18/1/2010 by Stephen B.

Walking down the Marine Drive
Marine Drive seems to be pretty well known in Mumbai and is about two kilometres long. We enjoyed walking down it, from the Mallabar Hills right up to Nariman Point. It didn't take that long and we saw lots of nice things during our walk. If you haven't got much money to spare, then do this, because it is obviously completely free.
Posted on 26/3/2008 by Mary Perkins

The Elephanta Caves
When we came to Mumbai were check on some tourist guides to see what some the best things to do were, and the Elephanta Caves seemed to crop up time and time again, so we thought we'd better give them a whirl. The ferries depart near to the Gateway of India and head to Gharapuri Island, where the caves are. The journey was about an hour and the sculpures of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses were mostly in wonderful condition.
Posted on 2/6/2007 by Brian Hopkins

The Juhu Beach
We spent a lot of time hanging around the Juhu Beach. This was a lively spot and there were lots of shops selly spicey Bhelpuri from food stalls. It can be hot though, so you can always ask them to go easy on the chilli.
Posted on 16/4/2007 by Susie Parks

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