Mumbai Restaurants and Dining

(Mumbai / Bombay, Maharashtra, India)

Photo of hotels and apartments along Marine DriveRestaurants in Mumbai offer plenty of choice for hungry visitors, being a true paradise for foodies and gourmands. Famous for its Bombay duck, amongst other dishes, fine dining in Mumbai is especially popular within the Colaba area, where you will find everything from authentic Indian eateries and European-style bistros, to kebab carts selling lamb kebabs, samosas, plates of fragrant rice, chicken tikka rolls, and more.

India is known for its spicy, fragrant dishes and Mumbai is no exception, with many restaurants specialising in traditional Mughlai and Tamil food. Also, being surrounded by the sea, dining venues throughout Salsette Island are known for making good use of the available seafood, and also the plentiful local coconuts. Both garlic and tamarind are extremely popular and much-used ingredients.

Picture of central restaurant

What to Eat

When eating out in Mumbai, look out for the local delicacies, such as 'bhelpuri', which is widely associated with the city's beaches, including Juhu Beach and Chowpatty Beach. This deep-fried snack consists of puffed rice and 'bhel puri', which is made from finely chopped onions, chillies and tomatoes.

As with the whole of India, when dining out in Mumbai you can expect most Indian dishes to be accompanied by fragrant white rice or flat breads, such as 'chapati' or garlic-flavoured 'naan' bread.

Photo showing the Floral Fountain

Where to Eat

Southern Mumbai is home to some of the city's most notable restaurants and eateries, which are particularly clustered around Colaba, Nariman Point and Malabar Hill, serving everything from curries and spicy chicken dishes, to sandwiches and cakes. Kala Ghona is a good place to visit if you fancy sampling Mangalorean seafood, with a number of restaurants often featuring freshly caught lobsters and white salmon on their menus.

For dining with a view in Mumbai, the restaurants based along Marine Drive, within the Churchgate area, are hard to beat, although a number of seafront eateries can also be enjoyed around Chowpatty Beach. Head to northern Mumbai for trendy eateries and bars, with many of this district's best restaurants being concentrated around Juhu Beach and also Bandra West.