Mumbai Events and Festivals

(Mumbai / Bombay, Maharashtra, India)

Picture of the Brabourne Cricket StadiumWith something happening in Mumbai virtually every week of the year, festivals and local events are an important part of life in this Indian city. Many of Mumbai's festivals are religious in theme and revolve around the main Hindu temples.

Tourists in Mumbai will enjoy the many celebrations and sporting events on offer, which include a marathon, Bollywood film festivals, horse racing, boat shows and concerts. Located on the southern side of the city's scenic Marine Drive promenade, the acclaimed National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) regularly hosts a number of theatrical events and performances. Things to do throughout the year are shown on the calendar below, which lists Mumbai's main events and celebrations.

Mumbai National Seasons

  • Magha (January / February)
  • Phalguna (February / March)
  • Chaitra (March / April)
  • Vaisakha (April / May)
  • Jyaistha (May / June)
  • Asadha (June / July)
  • Sravana (July / August)
  • Bhadra (August / September)
  • Asvina (September / October)
  • Kartika (October / November)
  • Aghan (November / December)
  • Pausa (December / January)

Mumbai Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • Banganga Festival - early January, with a number of classical music concerts held within the Banganga area of Mumbai and promoted by Maharashtra Tourism. Musicians arrive from all around India to perform over two days, at the Banganga Tank, within the Walkeshwar Temple Complex
  • Makar Sankranti / Pongal - mid-January, a popular Hindi harvest festival celebrated by some Indian families and friends
  • Mumbai Marathon - late January, a relatively new event on the sporting scene in Mumbai, attracting leading athletes from all over India and abroad. This marathon features a series of different races in aid of charity, through the streets around the city centre
  • Muharram - late January, a religious Muslim event, marking the death of Imam Hussain
  • Republic Day - January 26th, national holiday, the anniversary of India becoming a republic in 1950


  • Kala Ghoda Festival - early February, lasting around nine days and featuring an array of celebrations, many of which are art related, such as sculpting demonstrations and art exhibitions. Also expect concerts, literary events and theatrical performances within a number of parks around central Mumbai
  • Mumbai International Film Festival - early February, with screening of some of the world's most notable documentaries, short films and animations
  • McDowell's Signature Indian Derby - early February, a major horse-racing event hosted at the city's Mahalakshmi Race Course, dating back to 1942
  • Filmfare Awards - mid-February, the Indian version of the Oscars, hosted by the Hindi film industry and attracting many famous movie stars
  • Mumbai International Boat Show - late February, a showcase for the latest boats and yachts of all sizes, at the Bandra-Kurla Complex, on the eastern side of the city
  • Elephanta Festival - February, with live music and folk dancing outside of the famous Elephanta Caves, together with plenty of local delicacies


  • Mango Festival - March, the unusual Indian festivals lasts the entire month and attracts enormous crowds of visitors to Mumbai, who come to join in the mango fun and enjoy the many fruity, mango-based dishes, drinks, songs and dancing
  • Holi - mid-March, one of the most lively of all the Hindu festivals in Mumbai, involving the throwing of coloured powder (gulal) and also water


  • Eld-Milad-un-Nabi - late April / early May, an Islamic festival celebrating the birth of Prophet Mohammed


  • Khotachiwadi Festival - May, Indian culture is celebrated at the city's Khotachiwadi Heritage Precinct, where you can expect art exhibitions, local arts and crafts, fun games, and plenty of tasty food


  • There are no significant festivals in Mumbai during the month of June


  • Naga Panchami - late July / early August, involving the worshipping of snakes all around Mumbai


  • Nariyal Poornima - early August, the official start of the fishing season following the monsoons, based in the tourist hotspot of Colaba
  • Malhar Festival - August, hosted at St. Xavier's College and including various performances, contests, displays and theatrical events
  • Gokul Ashtami - mid-August, known for its human pyramids, who form to collect clay pots filled with curd, puffed rice and milk, which are strung up high above the crowds
  • Janmashtami Festival - August, a fun event often known as 'Govinda' and featuring tall human pyramids, held each year on the birthday of Lord Krishna
  • Ganesh Festival (Ganesh Chaturthi) - late August / early September, a magnificent celebration held each year on the birthday of Lord Ganesha, who was actually part man, part elephant. This festival includes models, images and ceremonies all over Mumbai
  • German Film Week - August / September, various leading, acclaimed German films are screened at this festival, which is hosted by the Goeth-Institut


  • Mount Mary Festival / Bandra Fair - September, lasting for the whole week, this popular fair is based around the church of Mount Mary, on the western side of Mumbai, known for its market traders, street entertainment, live music and main food stalls, selling a range of local Indian delicacies


  • Dussehra (Durga Puja) - mid-October, where literally hundreds of large models of the evil demon Ravana are burnt, involving plenty of dancing and partying
  • Mahalaxmi Festival - October, festivities honour India's goddess of wealth at the Mahalaxmi Temple on Bhulabhai Desai Road, including a number of fun events, dancing and praying
  • Navaratri Festival - mid-October, a religious Hindu festival lasting nine days and held during the harvest season. Various events take place at prominent temples, with dances and prayers to the Mother Goddess
  • Colaba Festival - late October, a small arts and crafts festival held in Colaba


  • Diwali / Deepavaali (Festival of Lights) - mid-November, the city of Mumbai is filled with strings of lights and coloured paper lanterns during this popular Hindu festival of lights
  • Prithvi Theatre Festival - November, performances from some of India's leading theatre groups take place at the Prithvi Theatre, which is situated along Juhu Church Road
  • Larzish Festival - mid-November, screening of various gay films


  • Christmas Day - December 25th, the birth of Christ is celebrated by Christians throughout India