New Delhi Restaurants and Dining

(New Delhi, Delhi, India)

View of the cityIndia is famous around the world for its spicy and fragrant food, and New Delhi is home to some of the country's best restaurants. When dining out in New Delhi, you can expect to find many outstanding home-grown restaurants and eateries, together with all of the usual fast-food favourites.

Worth noting, most restaurants in New Delhi automatically add a service charge to the bill, which is normally around ten percent, along with rather hefty drinks taxes. However, you won't find it difficult to find reasonably priced restaurants and dining venues in the city, while for those in a hurry, plenty of cheap eats can be found on the many street stalls, where deep-fried 'chaat' is readily available (pastry shells filled with potatoes, lentils and other ingredients, topped with yoghurt or chutney). Close to Connaught Place, New Delhi's Bengali Market is amongst the best places to find freshly cooked chaat, along with both the Khan Market and the Pandara Market.

What to Eat

You can expect to savour many flavoursome specialities and tasty delicacies, such as traditional Mughlai cuisine and many chicken, mutton, seafood and vegetable-based dishes, including curries and kebabs. In New Delhi restaurants, you can expect most meals to be accompanied by long-grain aromatic white rice, chapati bread, chutneys, pickles and relishes. Chilled 'raita' is especially popular with traditional restaurants in New Delhi and is a mildly spiced yoghurt, mixed with finely diced cucumber, tomato and carrot.

Where to Eat

The very heart of New Delhi is where you will find some of the city's most popular restaurants, which are particularly plentiful around Connaught Place, with much of this area being divided into lettered blocks. Sited next to restaurants, shops and many striking high-rise buildings, the many dining options around Connaught Place vary greatly in price and include numerous upmarket establishments.

Further restaurants lie on the northern side of the city, within the Old Delhi neighbourhood and in particular, close to the Jama Masjid. Foodies will also enjoy the collection of little stalls, which open up every evening in this spot, serving fried seafood, cheap kebabs and more. For some of the oldest restaurants and eateries in the whole of New Delhi, consider dining out in the nearby Chandni Chowk area.

A selection of fine dining can be found just off the Main Bazaar and within the Paharganj area of New Delhi, including a stylish rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Shelton. Offering a range of tasty Indian fare, along with many authentic Chinese and Continental dishes, restaurants in this part of New Delhi are easy to find. If Indian restaurants aren't really your thing and you simply fancy a burger, the food courts within the city's main shopping malls are amongst your best bet.