Attractions Nearby New Delhi, Day Trips and Excursions

(New Delhi, Delhi, India)

Photo of historic remains at Qutab MinarThe Delhi region is full of attractions, many of which are concentrated within New Delhi itself. However, nearby you will find the remains of a number of cities and attractions, with the Qutab Minar being especially notable and offering a glimpse of the past.

The neighbouring state of Haryana contains a wealth of appealing attractions, with the sprawling city of Faridabad being a definite highlight. Other cities close by and worth visiting include Bulandshahr, Gurgaon and also Meerut. The main attractions nearby New Delhi are described here.

Further Qutab Minar picture

Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar is the world's tallest brick minaret and measures more than 70 metres / 230 feet in height, being within easy reach of New Delhi. The tower itself features five storeys, each of which has its own individual balcony. The first three storeys were constructed using sandstone, while the remaining top two are partly made of marble. It is possible to climb the 399 steps to the top of the tower, where the views are worth the effort. Further historical attractions make up the Qutab Minar complex.


Faridabad lies approximately 25 km / 16 miles to the south of nearby Delhi, within the state of Haryana, and makes for a popular day trip from New Delhi. With more than two million residents, many people come to Faridabad to visit the tourist complexes of both Suraj Kund and Badkhal. Other interesting attractions include Raja Nahar Singh Palace, nearby Dabchick, and also the Aravali golf course.


With a population approaching 200,000 and plenty of interesting attractions, many people staying in New Delhi choose to visit the city of Bulandshahr, with is located just a short distance to the south-east, within the state of Uttar Pradesh. Here you will find a thriving pottery industry, together with a number of nearby ruined attractions, such as both Ghalibpur and Bhatora Veerpur. Also look out for the bustling Bulandshahr Market along Ansari Road, where you will be able to haggle for holiday souvenirs.

Image of modern architecture in Gurgaon


Considered to be a satellite city of Delhi, Gurgaon can be found to the south-west of New Delhi and is home to a population of more than one million residents. Full of Hindu history and many new, glitzy buildings and office blocks, numerous people come to Gurgaon for the shopping attractions alone, with a large selection of huge shopping malls located around the city, including the DLF Grand Mall, Star Mall and Mega Mall.


Famous for its high concentration of dairies, the city of Rohtak is sited to the north-west of New Delhi and is also home to a highly regarded university complex. The 12th-century Bohar Monastery is amongst Rohtak's main attractions, which features a series of shrines with historical frescoes. Rohtak is home to almost 300,000 inhabitants.


At just over 40 km / 25 miles north-east of New Delhi and situated in the Uttar Pradesh state, Meerut is a large and inviting city, with a population of over one million. Full of cultural attractions and a rich heritage, highlights include the Surajkund Temple, the nearby Sardhana and its beautiful Catholic church, and the neighbouring Jain Temples at Hastinapur.