Durban Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

Beachfront pictureAlthough South Africa is known for have a crime problem, the situation here does not compare to that within Johannesburg and tourists who are sensible will be able to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed holiday in Durban. Simply keep valuables and jewellery out of sight, stay in the main touristy areas and streets, stay together and try to blend in, rather than look like you are sightseeing.

It is always advisable to use taxis to travel between attractions, rather than walking, and listen to the advice of your hotel concierge. The beach promenade in Durban is widely considered to be a safe place and is regularly patrolled by police, although as in any busy places, be aware of your belongings at all times. Other recommended areas of Durban include the harbour area, the main shopping malls and also the more affluent residential neighbourhoods.

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Useful Contact Details

The city's main tourist information centre comes in the form of the Durban Tourist Junction, which is housed in a historical 19th-century railway station. The first floor is home to the Durban Africa office, while the ground floor contains the KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority Information Office.

Also within the busy complex are outlets of KZN Wildlife and South African Parks Reservations. City visitors should come here to pick up their free copy of the 'What's On in Durban' and the 'Durban for All Seasons' booklets, the latter of which is usually on hand in most good hotels.

Further tourist offices (Durban Africa) are situated within the airport's arrivals hall, and also along the Marine Parade.

Tourist Junction
Address: 160 Pine Street, corner of Soldiers Way, Durban, South Africa, ZA
Tel: +27 031 304 4934
Open hours: Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 17:00, Saturday and Sunday - 09:00 to 14:00

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Visa Information and Passports

Tourists holidaying in Durban and arriving from either Western Europe or the Commonwealth countries, together with the countries of both Japan and the USA will automatically receive entry permits, completely free of charge. All visitors are entitled to a 90-day visa, which will expire when you fly out of South Africa.

Dos and Don'ts