Durban Art Galleries

(Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

Boardwalk photographDurban's various galleries truly celebrate the city's love of art. Visitors can admire the work of local artists, as well as some international masterpieces. The aptly named Durban Art Gallery stands out as one of the city's very best and contains the works of many acclaimed artists.

The Natal Society of Arts is also of note within Durban, as its the DUT Art Gallery and the exhibitions at the BAT Centre. However, if you have the time, do consider taking a day trip to nearby Pietermaritzburg, where the Tatham Art Gallery is home to paintings created by world-famous artists such as Miro, Picasso and Renoir, amongst many others.

Durban Art Gallery

Address: 2nd Floor, City Hall (Smith Street entrance), Durban, South Africa, SA
Tel: +27 031 311 2265
Durban's premier art gallery is home to an impressive 3,500 exhibits, not of all of which can be displayed at any one time. Hence, its diverse collections are regularly rotated so that visitors get the chance to see as many exhibits as possible. Visitors can admire everything from traditional and contemporary art by local KwaZulu-Natal artists to some fine international masterpieces, including those by Wyndham Lewis, Constable and Nash. The gallery also hosts temporary exhibitions, films, lectures and special activities for children, all in keeping with its ethos to promote a wider awareness of art.
Open hours: Monday to Saturday - 08:30 to 16:00
Admission: free

DUT Art Gallery

Address: Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa, SA
Tel: +27 031 373 2207
Situated in the Cecil Renaud Theatre of the university. Dedicated to the collection and conservation of works of art. Wide ranging collection, from clay pots to contemporary paintings. The DUT Art Gallery also hosts a number of exhibitions throughout the year.
Open hours: Monday to Thursday - 08:00 to 16:00, Friday - 08:00 to 15:30
Admission: free

Democratic Gallery and Menzi Mchunu Gallery

Address: BAT Centre, 45 Maritime Place, Durban, South Africa, ZA
Tel: +27 031 332 0451
The BAT Centre is located within the Golden Mile area of Durban and has become something of a leading centre for arts and entertainment in the city. Inside the BAT Centre are no less than two individual exhibition spaces, the galleries of Democratic and Menzi Mchunu, which although on the small side, are packed with South African art works. Many annual art-related events take place here throughout the year, so it is always worth checking what's on during your visit.
Open hours: Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 17:00, Saturday and Sunday - 10:00 to 16:00
Admission: free

Natal Society of Arts Gallery (NSA)

Address: 166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban, South Africa, ZA
Tel: +27 031 202 3686
The Natal Society of Arts Gallery can be found within the city's Glenwood neighbourhood and is relatively close to Durban city centre. Established more than 100 years ago, the Natal Society of Arts Gallery is often referred to as simply the 'NSA' and hosts a variety of different exhibitions all through the year, actively promoting artists from this part of South Africa. The Durban Centre for Photography is located onsite and offers regular workshops, lectures, dark rooms and commercial displays.
Open hours: Tuesday to Friday - 10:00 to 16:00
Admission: free