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Old Town Waterfront
The area is fantastic and it is particularly special in the evening, although I do advise you go in the morning for a river cruise, as they are fantastic, and I wouldn't visit the waterfront again without going on one. Restaurants vary, as I was advised by friends to avoid certain ones, but where I did go was rather nice. The views are spectacular and I advise people to visit if in Alexandria.
Posted on 2/9/2014 by M. R. Dunn

Alexandria Serapeum and the Pompey's Pillar
Pompey's Pillar is old and I mean really old. It was erected in 300AD and has some really interesting engravings and inscriptions. It is the most famous of the city's remaining ancient monuments and is a part of the acropolis, near to the Arab cemetery. It is massive and well over 20 metres tall, so it really was quite a feat to get it here and in place.
Posted on 15/12/2007 by Ben Slater, Bristol

Modern New Library
The new library in Alexandria is very much an edifice of the 21st century - something quite different from the anicent city. It is quite a contemporary showpiece in the city, with lots of steel and glass, and is supposed to depict the sun rising out of the sea in the morning. There are over 200m000 books insude and some valuable original manuscripts, written on papyri. Outside, the granite walls have been carved to show some traditional Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Posted on 20/12/2006 by James Mason

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