Alexandria Parks and Gardens

(Alexandria, Egypt)

Photo of the Gradinile GardensWith such sunny weather and an extremely low rainfall, it is hardly a surprise that Alexandria is not full of lush botanical gardens and parklands. However, the stunning gardens around Montazah Palace are particularly impressive and are perched on the top of a fairly rocky bluff, boasting superb sea views. The palace was originally built as a summer refuge by the last king of Egypt, Farouk, and stands along Alexandria's coastline, being used as a place where the king could escape from the hot sun in Cairo.

Montazah Palace offers Moorish-style architecture, a nearby sandy cove and there is even a Victorian bridge, which connects a neighbouring island. Palms, pine trees and exotic flowers are all here and the gardens are especially colourful during the summer, when many of the flowering plants are in full bloom.

Picture of the Montazah Palace

Montazah Palace and Gardens

Address: Montazah, Alexandria, Egypt, EG
This beautiful royal palace has become known for its expansive gardens, full of mature palm trees, lush groves and flowers. The grounds stretch to the beach, where you can find exclusive hotels and good tourist facilities. This is the ideal retreat from the city, perfect for strolling and a great alternative to a day at the beach. Montazah Palace itself is Italian in design and has a Disney-like feel to it. The palace is now used as the president's residence and many locals come to the surrounding gardens for relaxation and picnicking. Worth noting, cars are allowed into the park area.
Open hours: gardens only, daily
Admission: charge