Alexandria Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(Alexandria, Egypt)

Picture of the GradinileAlexandria is built up around two large harbours - East and West. From these harbours, the coastline stretches for miles in either direction, with plenty of top-class beaches sitting either side of the city. Downtown Alexandria is set just back from the East Harbour and is a lively location with several attractions.

For the most part, visitors choose to stay out of the city at one of the coastal resorts, which offer excellent facilities and soft sandy beaches.

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East Alexandria

The resorts of Agami and Hannoville sit to the east of Alexandria. The former is an exclusive resort that is popular amongst wealthy Egyptians. Nicknamed the St. Tropez of Egypt, the exclusiveness of the resort is a little questionable, with many lower-priced hotels also now available. Hannoville is busy during the high season, with some historical interest in the form of a small French fort.


The downtown district of Alexandria sits just back from the Eastern Harbour, although most people choose to stay along the coast rather than in the heart of the city. Staying downtown can give you an altogether different insight into what the city has to offer, as well as the added convenience of being located within walking distance of many attractions. There is a selection of hotels near Ramla Station, some of which have views out to the sea if you are staying on a high floor.

East and West Harbours

These fishing harbours are a great place to get a taste for the city's fishing industry, with the harbours normally crowded with small fishing vessels. While these locations are not popular places to stay, the harbours are well worth a visit and are an easy walk from each other.

Picture of Stanley Bay area

Stanley Bay

Stanley Bay is a good base for holiday makers who are looking for convenient access to Alexandria city centre, but perhaps not the best place to stay if you are looking for an idyllic setting away from manmade structures. The new Stanley Bridge means that traffic now flows more freely, while the bay offers sun loungers for those who don't mind a more crowded beach atmosphere. Charming harbour views make up for the more developed feel to this area, while the 1920s character adds to the ambiance. A walk around the neighbourhood will reveal some interesting Art Deco and Art Nouvelle architecture.

West Alexandria

To the west of Alexandria there are several popular resort towns that are easily accessible from the city by car. Among these popular resorts are Ras el-Hikma, Sidi Barram and Sallum. The bays along this stretch are not overdeveloped but they offer a reasonable selection of hotels and villas. The beaches offer soft sand and great swimming in a naturally beautiful setting.