Alexandria Restaurants and Dining

(Alexandria, Egypt)

Picture of the Bibliothec waterfrontThe dining scene is Alexandria has changed in recent years, with many of the city's grandest and most historic restaurants closing down to make way for more modern, eateries and hotels. Western-style cuisine is available at many of the best hotels in Alexandria and suits those not wishing to sample the local Egyptian dishes and specialities.

Known for its stunning coastal locations, many restaurants in Alexandria serve freshly caught seafood, which is often either grilled over hot coals, or baked, sometimes in salt. Worth noting, most eateries around Alexandria do not serve alcohol, with the exception of the Fish Market restaurant along the Corniche, a rather upscale dining venue with superb views across the Eastern Harbour

Photo of Qaitbey Fort

Where to Eat

Many people visiting Alexandria choose to simply stroll around the centre and stop at one of the many cafes found in this part of the city. For a more formal meal in a restaurant, the Agami district is known for its good selection of places to eat.

The Agami area is a thriving coastal resort in its own right and many restaurants here choose to only open during the summer months, although, several do remain open all through the year. These include the Christina along the Champs Elysees in the Biancchi neighbourhood, where rather Mediterranean-style dishes are the order of the day, and the Seagull Restaurant on the Agami Road, which is housed within an imitation fortress. The Seagull is of historical significance in Alexandria, since it is built on the actual site where Napoleon landed at the end of the 18th century.

Alexandria's Anfushi district is hard to beat when it comes to restaurants and many of the best eats can be found in the Baladi area and along the bustling Sharia Safar Pasha. Especially popular here is the Qadoura Restaurant on the Qasr Ras at-Tin, with seafood specials including crab stew, clams with spaghetti and crayfish. Other notable dining areas in Alexandria include both Rushdy and Smouha, where a handful of restaurants offer contemporary settings, friendly staff and even steak and chips. Alexandria's largest shopping malls also contain a number of good places to eat out for a reasonable price.