San Antonio Restaurants and Dining

(San Antonio, Texas - TX, USA)

The residents of San Antonio love to eat and as a result, the city offers some excellent and diverse restaurants and dining opportunities. San Antonio's many restaurants provide a huge range of cuisine, from Greek, Italian and Thai to Caribbean, Irish and Mexican.

There is an enormous range of eateries and restaurants in San Antonio to suit all tastes and budgets, with a concentration in downtown and along San Antonio's bustling River Walk, where you can find all kinds of eateries.

Opening Hours

San Antonio has an excellent late night dining scene with a number of 'eat around the clock' restaurants. As well as your average late-night burger bars, it is possible to get Mexican at midnight in San Antonio, and there are several places that serve all-day breakfasts.

Wine and Beer

San Antonio boasts an exciting nightlife to suit people of all persuasions. There are plenty of wine bars spread liberally throughout the city, not to mention some decent pubs. Partygoers in San Antonio will find an excellent selection of nightclubs hosting nights to suit the majority of musical preferences. Aside from the wine and champagne bars, those who like a tipple should check out restaurant wine menus and cellars.


There are numerous breakfast options in San Antonio, including coffee houses, delis, cafés, fast-food restaurants and bakeries that serve all descriptions of morning menus. Traditional breakfasts in San Antonio are commonplace, but you don't have to look far to find interesting alternatives. These range from fresh crepes and fruit platters to omelets, crumpets and croissants. Late risers will find that several San Antonio eateries serve all-day breakfast and brunch.


San Antonio has countless options for lunch, with a good choice of international restaurants to choose from including French bistros, Italian trattorias and Greek tavernas. The city has its fair share of places where you can grab a cheap eat, not to mention a plethora of fast food joints, delis and cafés.


If you are indecisive, dining in San Antonio could be problematic. There are so many restaurants, you will literally be spoiled for choice. Whether you are looking for a romantic spot for an intimate meal or an atmospheric eatery for food with friends, you are sure to find it and more in San Antonio. There are restaurants for all budgets in San Antonio, from cheap eats to high-end blow out joints, while there are menus to suit even the pickiest of eaters. From world cuisine, Tex-Mex and healthy options to seafood and barbecue, there's something to suit everyone in San Antonio.