Austin Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Austin, Texas - TX, USA)

Situated between Dallas and San Antonio in southern Texas, Austin is well served by road, rail and air links with other state cities and the rest of the nation. The capital of Texas is a hip and laid-back city that brims with culture and historical attractions and is heavily into the southern music scene. Shopping and eating options in Austin are numerous and varied and making use of the excellent tourist information services in the city will ensure a hassle-free stay.

Tourism and Tourist Information

Austin is a compact city, easily navigable by foot or bike, making travel to the city's inner delights straightforward. The Internet is one of the best sources of information with regards to travel and there is a plethora of websites with useful resources on Austin, while in the city itself the visitor centres and travel agencies will offer helpful maps and guides.

Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau
Address: 209 East Sixth Street, Austin, Texas TX, 78701, USA
Tel: +1 512 474 5171


There are literally hundreds of languages spoken all over the US owing to the large Hispanic, Chinese and Japanese communities and other ethnic minorities, while the most commonly spoken language in Austin is English, as with other states in the country.


For details on whether you will require a visa for travel to Austin, Texas, it is best to check with your nearest consulate or embassy for information specific to your country. There are a number of different types of visa available, with visitors to Austin normally being required to obtain a non-immigrant visa that permits stay on a temporary basis.


There are several categories of non-immigrant visas available to those wishing to work in Austin temporarily. Working without a visa in Texas is against the law and there are harsh penalties for those who are caught in breach of this. Persons wishing to work in Austin and Texas must apply for the relevant visa in their home country and usually require a letter from their prospective Texan employer.


Tipping is common in Austin and Texas, although tips are only required when you feel that the service has been satisfactory. A 15 percent tip is standard at restaurants in Austin, although service charges are often automatically added to the bill.

Taxes and Refunds

Most states in the US feature a sales tax of between seven and eight percent on goods and services although some states have no tax at all. Sales tax is not reclaimable by visitors departing from Austin and the US, unless the required working visa is held.


A few decades ago locals in Austin accepted smoking in most public places without any fuss, but nowadays things have changed dramatically. Laws now restrict the public areas in which people are allowed to smoke in Austin and smoking is no longer permitted on Austin's public transportation. Also, restaurants in Austin are either non-smoking, or provide separate smoke-free areas.