Tulsa Restaurants and Dining

(Tulsa, Oklahoma - OK, USA)

Tulsa offers a surprisingly large range of restaurants to cater for all tastes including delicious cuisine from around the world. On top of that, there is no shortage of sandwich bars, hamburger joints and traditional steakhouses in Tulsa, and these remain perennial favorites among lunch and dinner goers.

Opening Hours

Cafés, coffee houses and bakeries open early for breakfast, with many staying open throughout the day. Most restaurants in Tulsa open for lunch and dinner, with many places staying open late, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Wine and Beer

Tulsa offers a good number of bars and clubs where visitors and locals can party together well into the night. Brookside tends to be the location of choice given its high concentration of bars, clubs and live entertainment venues.


Downtown Tulsa offers a range of eateries and bakeries that open early for the business crowd, offering traditional hearty breakfasts as well as quick and easy starters to the day. However, many people choose to fuel up for the morning at their hotel.


Popular lunch spots are scattered throughout the city, with Brookside, Cherry Street and Greenwood being the most popular areas to dine in at midday.


Tulsa offers cuisines from around the world that are as varied as Italian, Indian, Japanese and Mexican, ensuring that all tastes are catered for. Traditional all-American restaurants are also in abundance.