Tulsa Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Tulsa, Oklahoma - OK, USA)

Located in the northeast of Oklahoma in the heart of green country, Tulsa is a diverse and friendly city with a full range of attractions, excellent dining venues, interesting galleries and museums, and lovely parks. Downtown Tulsa is home to numerous corporate office blocks, while districts such as Brookside and Greenwood offer an upbeat arts scene along with great restaurants. Here are Tulsa's main neighborhoods and districts.

Brookside District

Tulsa's Brookside district is a particularly historic district that is popular for its chic boutiques, art galleries, antique shops, over 35 restaurants and lively nightlife, as well as numerous bars and clubs.

Downtown District

Downtown Tulsa is where you will find shiny office buildings that are home to some of the country's largest corporations, along with good restaurants, shopping and a vibrant nightlife.

Cherry Street District

The area in and around Cherry Street is well-known for its architecture, antiques and excellent dining opportunities, making it a great place to wander around and explore. Close to Swan Lake and Yorktown, the Cherry Street district offers a number of antique stores and vintage clothing shops.

East Tulsa

East Tulsa is known as a particularly suburban part of the city and includes a thriving multi-ethnic community. The main areas of East Tulsa include the Union district, the Broken Arrow School area and Eastland Mall.

Greenwood District

Located north of downtown Tulsa, the Greenwood district is a small black community that was the scene of terrible race riots in 1921, but has now flourished to become a charming precinct popular for its arts scene and dining options. Highlights in this area include the Greenwood Cultural Center, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, and Langston University.

Maple Ridge District

Tulsa's Maple Ridge Historic district is situated on the south side of downtown, in the Midtown area. Highlights in Maple Ridge include 'Black Gold Row', containing many opulent mansions built by wealthy locals in the 1920s.

Uptown District

Standing to the south of downtown Tulsa, the Uptown district features a number of spectacular hotels, buildings and mansions, together with many notable restaurants and vibrant wine bars in the Sobo bar area.

Kendall-Whittier District

Kendall-Whittier features the oldest shopping district in the city and is known for its high concentration of red-brick buildings and Hispanic communities.

Midtown District

Midtown is mainly residential and lies in the center of the city. With numerous homes dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, Midtown Tulsa features good shopping around Utica Square, Temple Israel, Expo Square (previously known as the Tulsa State Fairgrounds), and the Expo Center, which holds many of the city's largest events.

South Tulsa

South Tulsa contains a number of notable areas, including Southern Hills, with its exceptional golf courses, the Oral Roberts University campus, and also Woodland Hills, featuring the large shopping mall in Texas, together with a host of restaurants and interesting neighborhoods.

Terwilleger Heights District

Terwilleger Heights can be found to the south and west of Tulsa's Utica Square and is home to a mixture of 1930s houses, mature trees, small streets. The area stands next to the popular Philbrook Museum of Art and is also close to Woodward Park.

West Tulsa

West Tulsa serves as a strong reminder of the city's important oil history and still contains two large, fully-operating oil refineries. Other highlights in this location include the Riverparks development, Jones Airport and an outdoor amphitheater, which is located on the western banks of the Arkansas River.