Pensacola Restaurants and Dining

(Pensacola, Florida - FL, USA)

Seafood is extremely popular in Pensacola, with an abundance of seafood restaurants and dining venues available. Over the years, international and ethnic food has crept on to the menus in Pensacola and nowadays Chinese, Thai, Caribbean and Mexican restaurants, among other international cuisines, are all readily available in Pensacola.

American-style grills, steak houses and barbecue pits are also popular dining options in Pensacola, while Southern cooking and fast-food restaurants can be found on every block along with chains such as Hooters and Ruby Tuesday. Popular areas to eat include Pensacola Beach and Gateway in the downtown area, where you will find a stretch of restaurants known as 'restaurant row'.

Opening Hours

Restaurant opening hours in Pensacola vary according to the establishment, but the majority of eateries open for lunch between 11:00 and 15:00. While some restaurants and coffee shops in Pensacola stay open through the course of the day, others shut before the evening rush and re-open around 17:00. Typical closing hours in Pensacola are between 22:00 and 23:00, although a number of diners, fast-food joints and bars stay open 24 hours.

Wine and Beer

Wine is available at most upscale restaurants in Pensacola, while a selection of beers can be found at most establishments. Evening drinking spots in Pensacola include restaurants, pubs, sports bars and beachside eateries. You will find most venues offer a relaxing Florida-style atmosphere where you can sit back in comfort. Popular places to drink include downtown Pensacola, where there are an abundance of eateries in the Gateway district.


Many visitors to Pensacola choose to eat breakfast at their hotels, while a plethora of coffee houses, cafés, restaurants and diners peppered throughout the downtown area offer everything from full-blown cooked breakfasts to toast, bagels, pancakes and omelets. Brunch is particularly popular among Pensacola residents, with all-day breakfasts being on the menu at many establishments.


Pensacola city offers diners a good selection of lunch time eateries including delicatessen and sandwich bars, fast-food venues and shopping mall food courts, as well as more upscale full-service restaurants. Try the food court at University Mall if you are out shopping or one of Pensacola's many diners offering American-style food ranging from burgers to steaks.


Popular places for dinner in Pensacola include downtown restaurants and a wide selection of eateries and dining options dotted along the coast. With seafood restaurants in Pensacola being among some of the best in Florida, many people choose to gorge themselves on deliciously fresh seafood at Pensacola Beach, while steak houses and barbecue grilles are also hugely popular. If you are looking for somewhere a bit more exclusive in Pensacola, why not try dining at one of the city's golf clubs. Moors, Lost Key and Marcus Pointe golf clubs all provide excellent dining opportunities in Pensacola, featuring highly regarded restaurants.