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Cozumel Police
Be very careful traveling on your own. Just got back from a cruise. We rented a jeep and were stopped by a municipal officer on the opposite side of port. Officer said we were traveling too fast over speed bump. He wouldnt tell us how fast is legal, no speed limit posted. He advised we would have to follow him to court but then said we could settle matter right there for $20.00. He made it clear if we didnt pay, we could miss our ship so we paid. Watch out for the police.
Posted on 24/2/2011 by john krystek

We have been going to Cozumel for six years and there is simply the world's most delightful local man that rides his bike around Cozumel and sells the most amazing churros you have ever tasted! Not to mention he gives excellent tips on Cozumel and is absolutely one of the highlights to our trip. Every year we track him down (not hard to do, he has a large churro basket on the front of his bicycle) and we tell him where we are staying and he delivers fresh churros every morning. If you are staying in Cozumel, or just visiting on a cruise, make sure you keep your eyes pealed for the Churro Man, he and his churros are wonderful!
Posted on 28/1/2011 by Regina Lord

The Chankanaab National Park
The Chankanaab National Park is around 6 miles to the south of San Miguel. It costs around ten US dollars to get in and the park contains a smashing lagoon with some nice replicas of temples from the Mayan era. There are some excellent underwater caves here, sea lion shows and a chance to go swimming with some dolphins. Us, well, we just enjoyed the scenery and tranquility around the beach.
Posted on 21/10/2007 by Aide Davies

Go to the Chankanaab Caves
If you are anywhere near to the Chankanaab Park, then check out the Chankanaab Caves. They can also be accessed from Corona Beach and this has the advantage that it is free. We saw a lot of fish and other small creatures.
Posted on 14/8/2007 by Isaac Litely

Great Maya Barrier Reef
We came to Cozumel for the diving and to explore the underwater world of the Great Maya Barrier Reef. It is around 20 miles long and there are lots of good bits quite close to the shore. Amazing fish. I bought an underwater camera especially and the water was so clear that the photos came out really well. Worth noting, so that this wonderland came be preserved for everyone, you must not touch the coral or remove anything whatsoever.
Posted on 1/8/2007 by Sean Gailey

Beautiful Beach - the Playa Bonita
The Playa Bonita is by far my fave beach on Coz. It was so lovely and I really liked it being a be more remote than the others, which also had the bonus of making it a lot quieter than most. It can really only be reached by car and is close to San Gervasio.
Posted on 11/6/2007 by Moira

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