Cozumel Events and Festivals 2014 / 2015

(Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Picture showing nearby beach huts in the summerCozumel is a busy city and one that knows how to celebrate in style, with plenty of things to do, see and enjoy whatever the season. Festivals and events in Cozumel often attract huge crowds and many are not to be missed, with the Sunday Fiesta taking place at 20:00 each weekend at the Plaza Central within San Miguel de Cozumel and including general merriment and live music. Also look out for the theatrical performances, singing and dancing each Thursday at the Fiesta Americana Hotel.

If you are lucky enough for your holiday in Cozumel to coincide with some of the city's largest festivals, such as the spectacular February Cozumel Carnival, you will likely be overwhelmed with the free entertainment on offer. Other popular events and festivals in Cozumel include the International Billfish Tournament in March, when it is likely that you will get to see some truly enormous fish caught from the surrounding waters.


  • Dia de los Santos Reyes - January 6th, the official day in Mexico for giving and receiving presents, part of the overall Christmas festivities and very much a family time


  • Dia de la Candelaria - early February, a religious festival marking the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring. Expect processions, dancing and religious blessings at a number of the most prominent churches around San Miguel de Cozumel and the Plaza Central square
  • Dia de la Constitución (Constitution Day) - February 5th, a Mexican national holiday when the majority of the businesses around Cozumel close for the day to join in the fun, which is centred around San Miguel and includes a variety of street entertainment
  • Cozumel Carnival - mid-February, colourful carnival parades with a strong Caribbean feel. Festivities last around a week and also include live music, dancing, extravagant costumes and plenty of tasty food for everyone
  • Dia de la Bandera de Mexico (National Flag Day) - late February, otherwise known as Flag Day, as Mexico's flag is celebrated. Many vendors sell flags to wave and the event culminates in a procession and much partying around San Miguel de Cozumel's Plaza Central


  • International Billfish Tournament - early March, one of Cozumel's most popular fishing competitions, when keen anglers head to the Gulf Stream in an attempt to land some of the biggest tuna, marlin, billfish and other large fish
  • Natalicio de Benito Juarez - mid-March, the life of former 19th-century Mexican president Benito Juarez is celebrated in style, with processions and many other public events around the Parque de Benito Juarez in San Miguel de Cozumel, culminating in dramatic fireworks displays and partying
  • Nuestra Senora de los Dolores - late March, translated as 'Our Lady of Sorrows', this prominent religious event is held on the Friday preceding Palm Sunday and celebrates the life of the Virgin Mary. Many church services take place on this day, all around San Miguel


  • Semana Santa - early April - the beginning of Cozumel's Easter festivities, starting with masses at the Iglesia de San Miguel and also the Igelsia de Corpus Christi, followed by candlelight vigils and the burning of a model of Judas
  • Pascua - mid-April, the Eastern celebrations culminate in this event, where church altars are filled with flowers, streets decorated and people gather for a long parade on Easter Sunday. The Plaza Central in San Miguel de Cozumel also forms a central place for much fun, including confetti-filled eggs being broken over people heads
  • Feria del Cedral / Fiesta de la Santa Cruz - April / May, the site of El Cedral, the island's very first community, hosts this popular spring fair, located around 11 km / 7 miles to the south of San Miguel de Cozumel. Bullfights, folk music and dancing are just some of the highlights
  • Dia del Nino (Day of the Child) - late April, Cozumel's Day of the Child is very much a family orientated event and children gather around San Miguel's Plaza Central to enjoy the entertainment, food, gifts and party atmosphere


  • Cinco de Mayo - May 5th, locals in Cozumel remember Mexico's victorious battle at Puebla, when the French were defeated. This is a national holiday and the cause for much celebrations, including street parties and an impressive fireworks display at the end of the day
  • Dia del Madre (Mother's Day) - May 10th, mothers around Cozumel can expect to receive flowers and more on this special day
  • Dia del Charro (Cowboy Day) - mid-May, a procession of cowboys takes place in central San Miguel de Cozumel, and afterwards, crowds gather to watch a series of rodeo events and horse riding displays


  • Fiesta de la Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi Festival) - early June, religious event featuring a parade, to the Iglesia Corpus Christi church, involving the blessing and confirmation of young people
  • Dia de la Marina (Marina Day) - early June, coastal cities all around the country celebrate this day and the island of Cozumel is no exception, with a regatta featuring decorated boats in all shapes and sizes, sailing around the shore of San Miguel, together with parades and plenty of dancing
  • Dia del San Pedro y San Pablo - late June, these two saints are remembered by a series of fun events, including kite flying, balloons, religious ceremonies, an evening carnival and a well-attended fireworks display
  • Fiesta de San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist Day) - late June, dancing, bullfights, parades and fun for everyone, with partying lasting well into the night and based around the Parque de Benito Juarez in San Miguel de Cozumel


  • There are no significant events in Cozumel during the month of July


  • La Asuncion de Virgen - mid-August, this traditional Mexican event celebrates the life of the Virgin Mary and many of the streets around San Miguel are decorated with swathes of flowers


  • El Grito - mid-September, a noisy and particularly lively event where locals shout 'Viva Mexico' around the San Miguel's Plaza Central when the clock strikes midnight on September 15th. An impressive fireworks display follows shortly after, along with much partying and dancing
  • Nuestra Senora del Carmen (Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival) - throughout September, a religious holiday with various events taking place around San Miguel de Cozumel, remembering the Virgin Mary
  • Aniversario de la Muerte de los Ninos Heroes - mid-September, remembering the events and war in the mid-19th century, with processions around San Miguel de Cozumel marking the start of Mexico's Independence festivities
  • Dia del San Miguel (St. Michael Day) - September 29th, week-long celebrations are based around the Iglesia de San Miguel and include a carnival parade, a rodeo event and an evening fireworks display


  • Nuestra Senora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary) - early October, a Catholic event where many churches are filled with roses and as night-time approaches, a candlelit parade signals the forthcoming service at the Iglesia San Miguel
  • Dia de San Francisco de Asis (Day of St. Francis of Assisi) - early October, a popular mass takes place at the Iglesia San Miguel, honouring St. Francis of Assisi and drawing large crowds. Other events also take place around San Miguel
  • Dia de Cristobal Colon / Dia de la Raza - mid-October, The Mexican Columbus Day involves an array of live music, a carnival around central San Miguel de Cozumel, and plenty of entertainment for families and children


  • Dia de Todos Santos / Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) - early November, far from being a morbid event, the Mexican Day of the Dead is a time for rejoicing and remembering the past lives of loved ones. Many families head to San Miguel Cemetery on this day
  • Aniversario de la Revolucion Mexicana (Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution) - late November, expect grand carnival parades, festivities lasting well into the night and some impressive fireworks displays. The celebrations are at their best around San Miguel de Cozumel
  • Revolution Day Regatta - late November, a well-attended sailing regatta commemorating the Mexican Revolution, which took place some 100 years ago


  • Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe - mid-December, celebrations based around the country's patron saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe, including services at the main churches in San Miguel, parades, fireworks and partying