Juliaca Shopping and Districts

(Juliaca, Puno, Peru)

Photo of central marketThose shopping in Juliaca for bargain souvenirs of their holiday in Peru are in for nothing short of a treat. If you are prepared for a little friendly haggling, then you will enjoy spending time exploring the daily markets of Juliaca.

At the top of many a shopping list comes alpaca clothing, made from hand-shorn wool from native South America alpacas, which are rather like small llamas. Alpaca sweaters from Juliaca are both colourful and warm, and extremely popular with tourists, as are the blankets, shawls and scarves.

Different picture of market

Where to Shop

Sunday tends to be the busiest market day in Juliaca, when much of the city seems to be out shopping for fruit, vegetables and other local produce. On Mondays, a further flea market is staged in Juliaca, on the western side of the Plaza Melgar.

There is also a daily handicraft market operating in Juliaca, which is known as the Galeria de las Calceteras and takes place within a modern three-floor building on the Plaza Bolognesi, opposite the train station and close to the Royal Inn Hotel. Shopping opportunities at the Galeria de las Calceteras include an array of alpaca goods, textiles, socks, gloves, ponchos, blankets, rugs, brightly coloured clothing and many sun-shading hats. It is worth coming here to simply watch the lady artisans (calceteras) doing their skilful weaving.