Juliaca Restaurants and Dining

(Juliaca, Puno, Peru)

Central plaza pictureIf you are dining out in Juliaca, then it is quite likely that you will encounter some rather traditional dishes, along with some more Spanish and Cantonese-style offerings. At local Peruvian restaurants in Juliaca, look out for the 'chairo' (soup), 'ceviche' (seafood cocktail), 'chalona' (cured meat), and of course the obligatory 'cuy' (roasted guinea pig).

If fine dining is your thing, then Juliaca's highly acclaimed restaurant at the Royal Inn Hotel on the San Roman will likely be the place for you. Alternatively, street vendors around central Juliaca provide a mouth-watering selection of 'anticuchos' (shish kebabs), 'opicarones' (fritters) and 'choclo con queso' (boiled corn with cheese).

Different central view

Where to Eat

Lunch in Juliaca is known locally as 'almuerzo' and is usually served around 13:00, being the main meal of the day. Restaurants serving lunch tend to provide a set meal of the day (menú), which consists of a starter (entrada), a main course (segundo) and then a dessert (postre). This offers very good value dining, although is not to be confused with the actual restaurant menu (la carta) itself.

Dinner (cena) in Juliaca is generally eaten late and although most dining venues will be open at 19:00 or earlier, they really won't begin to come alive until at least 21:00. Many of Juliaca's restaurants serve 'chicha' (fermented corn beer) as an accompaniment to your meal, which always goes down especially well after a days sightseeing in the sunshine.