Bridgetown Videos and Youtube Movies

(Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados)

To help visitors gain a better understanding about the city of Bridgetown, we have collected the following video clips and Youtube movies.

These include films about snorkelling and scuba diving at the Carlisle Bay Marine Park, photo galleries of the top sights in Bridgetown, and movies showing the most popular Caribbean beaches and resorts, such as the Coral Sands Beach Resort. There are also tourist videos of Independence Square, the Errol Barrow statue and the Nidhe Israel Synagogue.

Movie guide to Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados

'Discover Barbados' tourist advertisement

Activities at the beachfront, with sweeping views of the coastline and a visit to the 'Boatyard'

Relaxing on a tropical beach close to Bridgetown

Film about the gorgeous Bottom Bay Beach, one of the Caribbean's finest

Promotion video about the Coral Sands Beach Resort, just a short distance from Bridgetown

Film taken at the historic Nidhe Israel Synagogue

A brief online movie tour through the streets of Bridgetown, showing the shops and attractions

Film of the Careenage waterway and its surrounding scenery

Video showing the sights and sounds of Bridgetown

Walking around Independence Square and the statue of Errol Barrow

Further film of recently renovated Independence Square

Photo gallery of a holiday on Barbados, with pictures of beaches, snorkelling and climbing the famous 'Round Rock'

Additional holiday images of Barbados

Holiday video showing street life in the centre of Bridgetown

Snorkelling off the coastline and feeding the resident monkeys at a Wildlife Reserve

Scuba diving video shot at the Carlisle Bay Marine Park

All of the video clips and films shown above relate to the city of Bridgetown and have been carefully selected from Youtube. These films have been reproduced here to enhance your visit to Bridgetown, adhering to their terms and conditions for sharing online movies. World Guides does not accept any responsibility for this Youtube content. We hope you have enjoyed watching these movies.