Bridgetown Tourist Information and Tourism

(Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados)

Gateway to Barbados, Bridgetown is also the capital of the island. Locals come here for the shopping and commercial appeal, with tourists devoting at least a portion of their time in Bridgetown to see the monuments and museums. Tourism and duty free sales are key elements of the local economy.

For tourists who plan on doing more shopping than sunbathing, Bridgetown is an ideal hotel base. Tourist information is easy to come by here in the capital of Barbados. There aren't that many hotels here, but the northern resorts and the more personable offerings of St. Lawrence Gap are both just a few minutes' drive away.

Bridgetown Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

Bridgetown is typical of all good Caribbean islands and resorts, boasting a good selection of tropical white sandy beaches and plenty of fine sunny weather. Brighton Beach is especially popular and is accompanied by some superb coral reefs, affording excellent scuba diving opportunities. The Carlisle Bay Marine Park is without question one of the very best dive spots around Barbados, being home to colonised shipwrecks and a myriad of underwater creatures. Further beaches reside within the neighbouring parish of St. Peter, such as Heywoods and Mullins Bay, both of which offer a choice of water sports. Paradise Bay is another popular beach haunt and a good place to try your hand at jet-skiing, while in the neighbouring parishes of Christ Church (south) and St. James (north) are many additional beaches. More information about Bridgetown Beaches.

Apart from the beaches and coastline of Bridgetown, there are plenty more popular tourist attractions to provide an interlude between sunbathing and swimming. A trip to the Tyrol Cot Heritage Village is rather like stepping back in time and the Barbados of old is recreated here, offering visitors the chance to learn about the island's agricultural past and slave days. St. Michael's Cathedral ranks as one of the city's most noteworthy buildings and was built on the site of an older church, following severe hurricane damage. For picnicking beneath the shade of palms and exotic plants, Queen's Park is a good place to come and is well-known for its ancient baobab trees. If you are looking for after-hours entertainment on your holiday, then enjoy some dinner and dancing at the 1627 and All That Show, based at St. Ann's Garrison. More information about Bridgetown Tourist Attractions.

Bridgetown contains a high concentration of memorials, fountains, statues and important monuments, honouring moments in history. The Emancipation Statue is one such landmark, as is the Independence Arch, which stands close to Chamberlain Bridge and is adorned with images of pelicans, flying fish and the national 'Pride of Barbados' (Peacock Flower), all of which are symbols of the island. Also of note in Bridgetown are the Law Courts and the Parliament Buildings, the latter of which presides over the National Heroes Square (formerly Trafalgar Square), along with a statue of Admiral Lord Nelson. This centrally located square lies next to the Constitution River (Careenage) and is also called home by the Cenotaph War Memorial and the Fountain Gardens, commemorating the arrival of piped water in the early 1860s. More information about Bridgetown Landmarks and Monuments.

Being the proud island capital, Bridgetown is understandably the home of the Barbados Museum, where the history of the island is celebrated by means of colonial artefacts, information about the island's emancipation and also displays relating to slavery and its eventual abolition. Located just a short distance away is Wildey House, which is another museum-type attraction filled with antiquities and set in spacious landscaped grounds. Tourists may also like to pay a visit to the nearby town of Warrens, where the Barbados National Art Gallery is the best place to appreciate local art on the island. More information about Bridgetown Museums and Bridgetown Art Galleries.

Depending upon where you are staying on Barbados, various attractions are suitable for short excursions. Bridgetown is always a convenient place to base yourself and if you wish to get outside of the city and explore some more of the island, then top tourist destinations include the Andromeda Botanic Gardens in the town of Bathsheba, which has become something of a haven for indigenous monkeys and birds. Another outlying attraction worth finding is the Richmond Plantation, which offers a winning combination of nature trails and coastal views. Tourists may also hear about Harrison's Cave, where you can board an electric tram and journey through a series of underground caverns, passing some huge stalactites and stalagmites along the way. More information about Bridgetown Attractions Nearby.

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