Malmo Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Malmo, Skane County, Sweden)

Photograph showing a city view of MalmoWorking-class Malmo is the third-largest city in Sweden and has built itself around the ship building industry. Precincts like Korpen are hard-core working class areas with very little urban renewal and a tangible sense of grit - property in Malmo is at is cheapest here.

Closer into downtown and near the Theatre District is where more well-heeled residents of Malmo take out apartments or standalone homes. Adjacent to this area is a bustling artist and student enclave and so even in central Malmo, property prices tend to suit all markets and income levels. The city is around a third less expensive than Stockholm on most measurements.

Some redevelopment of waterfront areas has seen a boom in harbour properties and a number of prestigious arts companies now have permanent offices right on the waterfront. Glass and steel buildings overlook the water and offer private and commercial property space for premium prices - easily the highest in the urban area.

Renting Serviced Apartments

The new harbour developments have seen a great increase in the serviced apartment industry in Malmo. Previously, the serviced apartment scene here was the province of shipping companies based in Skania, who provided standard apartments to visiting executives.

Now, however, the market is much more diverse and the expectations of service providers and guests have changed. Serviced apartments near the Theatre District will be older in style and about a third less expensive than more modern places down near the water, which tend to be brand new and very well appointed.

Buying Apartments and Houses

Anyone with a European Union passport can purchase property in Sweden, but prices here tend to be among the most expensive in Europe. Malmo may not be the most expensive city in Europe, yet property values are still considerably higher here than elsewhere in Western Europe.

Leases and purchase agreements are drawn up in Swedish, although it is all but unheard of for Swedish realtors to not be fluent in English. Students and long-term visitors will have no trouble securing a rental in Malmo's relatively calm rental market, provided they can provide evidence of visa and work permit validity.

Real Estate Agents

Finding a real estate agent in Malmo is no great challenge as the city is compact and most business is centralised. This is true for the real estate industry, with a bunch of realtors clustered together in the downtown area, and others selling off the plan near the harbour redevelopments.

Check out the following Malmo real estate agents:

Maklar Punkten
Address: Lantmannagatan 1, Malmo, SE-21444, Sweden
Tel: +46 040 30 3002
A family-run and modest Malmo realtor with a good spread of top value and budget properties.

Mette Lykken Bolig
Address: Rundelgatan 16, Malmo, SE-21136, Sweden
Tel: +46 040 25 4025
A Danish realty chain with a busy outlet in Malmo.

Erik Olsson
Address: Studentgatan 6, Malmo, SE-21138, Sweden
Tel: +46 040 60 0500
Erik Olsson provides welcoming, personal attention to customers in his three Swedish offices, including this one in the city centre.