Attractions Nearby Salamanca, Day Trips and Excursions

(Salamanca, Castilla y León, Spain)

Salamanca is well-placed for day trips and excursions and just a few miles from the city of Salamanca lie many popular attractions, just waiting to be explored. A number of towns and villages are particularly close to Salamanca and contain many historical buildings, local shops, popular restaurants, interesting museums, top tourist attractions and scenic views, such as Alberca, Avila, Béjar, and Guijuelo.

Also worth a visit, the cities of both Madrid and Toledo are within easy driving distance of Salamanca and full of world-class attractions.

Some of the main towns, villages and attractions close to Salamanca include Alba de Tormes, Alberca, Arribes del Duero, Béjar, Guijuelo and Ciudad Rodrigo - an appealing town known for its historic cathedral, castle and notable city walls.


Sited around 97 km / 60 miles to the east of Salamanca, the small city of Avila stands against the scenic backdrop of the Sierra de Avila. With a population of around 32,000 and many historic attractions, Avila's most famous sights include its city walls (Las Murallas) - which date back to the 11th century, the Palacio de los Deanes (The Deanes' Palace) - housing the Provincial Museum, and the Basilica de San Vicente - close to Avila's Puerta de San Vicente (St. Vincent's Gate).
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Famous in Spain for actually being declared a national monument, the city of Toledo stands around 338 km / 210 miles to the east of Salamanca and can be reached in just over three hours. Toledo is full of historical attractions and was once the Spanish capital, now being home to a population of approximately 45,000. Attractions in Toledo include its medieval town walls (Las Murallas), a magnificent 13th-century cathedral, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Museum of Contemporary Art), and a maze of charming, narrow streets and alleyways.
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The capital of Spain, Madrid is full of must-see attractions and is sited around 270 km / 168 miles east of Salamanca - a journey lasting approximately two and a half hours. With a population of more than four million, many people from Salamanca choose to visit Madrid's endless array of attractions, which include the spectacular shopping districts, some of Europe's finest restaurants, a huge number of museums and art galleries, and many notable landmarks, such as the Puerta de Alcalá (Alcalá Gate), the Palacio Real (Royal Palace), the Fuente de Neptuno (Neptune's Fountain), and the numerous public squares, which are often surrounded by historical buildings and al fresco dining, such as Plaza de la Villa (City Hall Square) and Plaza Mayor (Main Square).
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Alba de Tormes

Address: Alba de Tormes, 37800, Spain
Famous for being home to the remains of famous Spanish nun, Santa Teresa de Jesús, who died in the late 16th century, Alba de Tormes is around 22 km / 14 miles from Salamanca. Attractions here include the Teresiano Museum (Museo Teresiano), Santa Isabel Convent, speciality shops, a beach area, seasonal fiestas and plenty of historical buildings.


Address: La Alberca, 37624, Spain
A particularly scenic village close to Salamanca, Alberca lies around 70 km / 44 miles from the city. Dominated by the nearby Sierra de Francia mountains, the village of Alberca has gained the prestigious and well-deserved title of 'National Heritage Site' and is known for its impressive local restaurants and friendly residents.

Arribes del Duero

Address: Saucelle, 37257, Spain
Situated approximately 60 km / 38 miles from the city of Salamanca, Arribes del Duero is a beautiful spot, famous for its views and spectacular natural waterfalls. Other attractions include a number of nearby villages, where seasonal fiestas and impressive restaurants are on offer.


Address: Bejar, 37700, Spain
The town of Béjar stands at around 72 km / 45 miles from Salamanca and is a popular excursion. One of the main tourist attractions in Béjar is the popular Mateo Hernández Museum (Museo Mateo Hernández), which stands on the Plaza Martin Mateos and contains many notable works of art. Béjar is also known for its historic town walls, appealing churches and guided mountain walks.

Ciudad Rodrigo

Address: Ciudad Rodrigo, 37500, Spain
The Ciudad Rodrigo is full of history and heritage and is sited about 85 km / 53 miles from Salamanca. Home to an eye-catching cathedral, a grand castle and city walls, Ciudad Rodrigo also offers impressive views of the surrounding mountainous landscape, summer fiestas and many nearby attractions and walking trails.


Address: Guijuelo, Salamanca, 37770, Spain
Just 50 km / 31 miles from nearby Salamanca, Guijuelo is a charming town, full of attractions and top restaurants. Guijuelo is known throughout the area for its summer festivals and carnivals, award-winning cured hams and central plaza, which is surrounded by a number of impressive buildings and historical structures.