Salamanca Hotels and Accommodation

(Salamanca, Castilla y León, Spain)

With a huge chunk of Spain's tourist market, Salamanca offers an impressive assortment of hotels, with plenty of accommodation in the very heart of Salamanca. Many of the hotels in Salamanca are historical buildings, which contrast with more modern hotels, built more recently to cope with the demand.

Despite the large number of hotels, it can still be hard to find accommodation with available rooms during Salamanca's summer months, particularly during the September fiesta time.

Where to Stay

Hotels in the Salamanca area are generally reasonably priced and luxury accommodation is also available here, offering private swimming pools, extensive fitness centres and impressive views of Salamanca.

Many of the most desirable hotels in Salamanca can be found in the heart of the city, around the Gran Via district. Close to amenities, hotels in central Salamanca are always within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants and popular sights, such as the Plaza Mayor and the Catedral Nueva.

Central hotels in Salamanca are particularly popular and often offer views of the Tormes River, which meanders through Salamanca city centre. Some of Salamanca's premier hotels and best accommodation can be found in this area.

Further hotels can be found close to the campus of Salamanca University (Universidad de Salamanca), which is home to around 30,000 students and nearby the Calls Ruia Mayor in the Castilla Y Leon area. A particularly lively area of Salamanca, this region is known for its nightlife, with a good selection of restaurants never far from the accommodation and hotels available here.

Cheaper hotels and accommodation options are located around the outskirts of Salamanca. Offering good value for money, these hotels are connected to Salamanca city centre by regular buses. However, if you look carefully and book in advance, inexpensive hotels can be found in the very centre of Salamanca, alongside the Plaza Mayor.

Those looking to visit Salamanca on a budget should consider the city's camping grounds, a popular alternative to more mainstream accommodation and hotels, which are located on the city's suburbs, just a short trip from the centre. A popular youth hostel is also available in central Salamanca, providing inexpensive, although somewhat basic lodging.