Salamanca Restaurants and Dining

(Salamanca, Castilla y León, Spain)

Worth visiting for its restaurants and cuisine alone, dining in the Castilla y León is a memorable experience. Restaurants in Salamanca are extremely diverse, ranging from the most traditional Spanish eateries and Tapas bars, to cosmopolitan-style coffee shops with outdoor patio areas and terraces.

Salamanca is a lively city and this is reflected in its endless array of restaurants and dining options. Tourists are well catered for in Salamanca, and those who prefer a more international cuisine will not be disappointed, with Asian, Indian, Italian and Mexican choices being easy to find.

Where to Eat in Salamanca

Many of the best restaurants in Salamanca are located in the heart of the city, around the main Plaza Mayor square. Here you will also find a good selection of popular Tapas bars, which serve a range of tasty, savoury lunchtime snack, designed to accompany wine. The Van Dyck district is also know for its noteworthy Tapas bars, as is the Plaza del Mercado area, which are both often busy and bustling at lunchtimes.

Close to the Plaza Mayor, further restaurants can be found around Corrillo Square, the Calle Meléndez and Rua Mayor, and close to the cathedral, offering the perfect place to dine and watch the city pass by. The nearby Plaza Corilla is another popular place to eat in Salamanca and known for its nightlife. Local Spanish specialities available in the main dining venues include paellas, tortillas (omelettes), cold meats and salads, seafood dishes, pork-based meals - such as roast suckling pig, and kebabs (pinchos morunos). Spanish cuisine here tends to be fairly simple, with strong Mediterranean-style flavours.

A number of notable restaurants can also be found in the University district, particularly between the Museo Salamanca and the Casa de las Conchas, where al fresco dining is often the order of the day. Near to the scenic Tormes River, restaurants in this part of the city come alive at night, often staying open until gone midnight.

One of the most historical areas of Salamanca, Pizarrales and the nearby Pryca area offer fine dining in attractive settings, including a number of traditional taverns, pubs and restaurants. Further hotels can be found in the more modern area of Salamanca, around Mirat Avenue, Aladedilla Park and the Vidal district. The Barrio Garrido district is another busy part of town, with plenty to choose from.