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The Historical Old Town of Malaga
The Old Town of Malaga is something completely different from the beaches and beach resort feel of the city - quite refreshing. It was full of life and some very attractive architecture and beautiful roofs. There were lots of nice looking places to eat as well. The Old Town area is easy to find and lies to the west of the cathedral.
Posted on 31/3/2007 by Queenie

About the CAC
The CAC is the short name for the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga and is quite new, having been opened as recently as February 2003. It is definitely a very impressive art gallery, especially if modern art is your thing. It is located on the Alemania.
Posted on 5/6/2007 by Clarice Wales

El Parque
Malaga is full of surprises an El Parque (The Park) was just one of them. This has got to be the ulimate place for a stroll, next to the Paseo del Parque and Plaza de la Marina. There are lots of botanical treats here, including some very large and tropical looking trees. I particularly enjoyed the architecture, such as the Palace of La Aduana, and of course the ice cream - that goes without saying.
Posted on 4/3/2007 by John

The Festivities at the Malaga Feria
The Malaga Feria takes place every year at the end of August and lasts almost two weeks. It is based around the city centre and features lots of live entertainment and drinking. In the evening, the festivities moved outside of the centre and including some fast fairground rides, music and plenty to eat and drink - and I really do mean PLENTY!
Posted on 15/9/2006 by Douggie D.

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