Malaga Photos

(Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain)

Aerial view of the Malaga cityscape
Aerial view of the cityscape and surrounding scenery.

Malaga's coastline and beaches photographed from the air
Aerial view of the resort's stunning coastline and spectacular sandy beaches.

Beachfront hotels in Malaga image
Many hotels, shops and restaurants in the city stand alongside the beachfront.

Photo of Malaga's La Alcazaba
Historic La Alcazaba fortress close to the city centre, built during the early 9th century.

Impossing view of Malaga Cathedral
La Catedral (Malaga Cathedral), dating back to the 16th century, dominating much of the city centre.

Snapshot of Malaga central square
Central square, an important part of city life and offering a selection of restaurants, shops and seasonal festivals.

Photo of Malaga public square popular for al fresco dining
Al fresco dining is popular around a number of public squares and spaces throughout the city.

Picture overlooking Malaga port
Aerial view of the coastline and the busy port.

Beachfront scene showing the background Sierra Nevada mountain range
Beachfront showing the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range in the background, where year-round skiing is possible.

Mountain scenery surrounding Malaga
Further view of the area's mountainous scenery.