Attractions Nearby Novosibirsk, Day Trips and Excursions

(Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia)

Photo of Lenin Square in TomskShould you tire of the attractions within Novosibirsk, or simply wish to explore the south-eastern region of Russia's Western Siberian plain, then there are a number of close by cities and towns that are worthy of attention. However, since Russia is such a vast country, the most notable of these attractions are often too far from Novosibirsk to warrant a day trip and are therefore often more suitable for an overnight excursion or short break.

The Ob River has played an important part of shaping the scenery around the region and this great Siberian river is lined with a number of good attractions, including several popular beaches, which soon fill up during the summer months. Close to Novosibirsk, make time to check out at least one of the nearby cities, such as Barnaul or Tomsk, which are amongst the largest, with the most to offer.

Further picture of central Tomsk


Tomsk is one of the true highlights in this part of Siberia and lies around 260 km / 162 miles to the north-east of Novosibirsk. Rich in history and filled with sight to see, visitors to the city of Tomsk can be assured of a good time. The striking 'wooden lace' architecture is just one of the many attractions in Tomsk, along with Resurrection Hill, the Lenin Statue on the Ploshchad Lenina, where the Epiphany Cathedral is also situated, standing here since 1784.

View of Barnaul


A significant city to the south of Novosibirsk, around 650,000 currently call Barnaul their home. Barnaul is an appealing city and is especially close to the southerly Altai Mountains, along with the Russian borders of China, Kazakhstan and even Mongolia. Known for its past Russian silver-smelting industry, today the main attractions in Barnaul are quite cultural and consist of a series of museums, such as the Altai Fine Art Museum on the Prospekt Lenina, which is one of the best and a good way to spend a few hours.

Berdsk picture


A large town with a population of around 90,000 people, the attractions on Berdsk are especially close to Novosibirsk and to the south. Berdsk is actually located within the region known as the Novosibirsk Oblast and was originally established around 300 years ago as an important fortress. The splendid Transfiguration Cathedral is just one of many noteworthy buildings to look out for in Berdsk and is topped with onion-shaped domes, and although it was only built relatively recently in 2004, appears much older, displaying many characteristic of a historic Russian church.

Image showing Kemerovo city


Located directly east of Novosibirsk and based around the Tom River, Kemerovo may be a fairly industrial city, but it does contain some interesting and appealing attractions, include the relatively new Aquatic Centre, a rather glitzy shopping mall, and no less than five important education institutions, include the Kemerovo State University. The Theatre Square is another highlight in Kemerovo and is surrounded by palatial architecture.