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Obskoe Lake
There are some beaches around Obskoe Lake, which are entirely man-made and created by important fine-gade sand here. The lake itself is also mad-made, but the whole effect is extremely natural. A good place to chill on a sunny afternoon.
Posted on 6/3/2008 by Gabriella Keane

Ballet at the Novosibirsk Theatre
We came to the Novosibirsk Theatre and enjoyed a captivating eveing of Russian ballet. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many young people in the audience, who chose to share this evening of culture.
Posted on 1/12/2007 by Charlotte Shale

Opera lovers love the Novosibirsk Opera House
This very stately opera house is located on the Ploshad Lenina and concerts are regularly stage here.
Posted on 14/9/2007 by Alan Shedd

The Monument of Lenin
The Lenin Monument is a familiar sight in Novosibirsk and stands right outside of the opera. The Lenin Squares itself (the Ploshad Lenina) has sme other photogenic Soviet statues as well.
Posted on 4/9/2007 by Anon

Historical Voznesensky Cathedral
Voznesensky Cathedral is not quite yet 100 years old. It is the main Orthodox Cathedral in Novosibirsk and the roof and dome are bright blue and green - wonderfully wacky and not at all church-like. Look out for its on the Sovetskaya Street.
Posted on 13/7/2007 by Jack Slade

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