Novosibirsk Hotels and Accommodation

(Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia)

Picture of central lodgingThe standard of accommodation offered by hotels in Novosibirsk is generally more than reasonable and a large number of hotels have been recently renovated to entice travellers. However, by Siberian standards, much of the accommodation in Novosibirsk is on the expensive side and many of the city's lodging options do not provide great value. Also worth noting, many hotels will rather surprisingly not accept foreigners unless the room has been booked in advance through a tour agency.

Those travelling on a tight budget may find it hard to find suitable accommodation in Novosibirsk, with advance booking and pre-registered visas often being necessities in a number of the cheaper hotels. However, if you simply need somewhere to shelter for the night, then head to a 24-hour Internet cafe, or even consider buying a cheap return ticket to a nearby city and use the overnight sleeper train.

Homestays are another option worth considering and the agency of Uyut Kvartirnoe Byuro is located at the Novosibirsk Glavny railway station, with staff who will be happy to find you some kind of accommodation for your stay.

Photo showing large, modern city hotel

Where to Stay

Many of the most notable hotels in Novosibirsk line the banks of the Ob River, including the Ob Hotel itself, or are clustered around the main metro stations. At the Glavny railway station itself, the Station Hotel is almost always full and offers huge discounts for 12-hour stays, while opposite and along the Vokzalnaya Magistral you will find a number of reasonable accommodation choices, such as the Hotel Novosibirsk.

Further hotels are situated along the Ulitsa Lenina, where the Hotel Sibir is always a reliable choice. The Hotel Sibir markets itself as providing the very best international accommodation in Novosibirsk, with English-speaking staff, visa registrations, tourism bureau and studio suites, although all this does come at a price.