Tomsk Tourist Attractions, Landmarks, Monuments and Sightseeing

(Tomsk, Siberia, Russia)

Photo of the Tom riverfrontThe greatest tourist attractions within Tomsk are the city's buildings themselves, and in particular, those boasting highly detailed 'wooden lace' architecture. The most notable of these much celebrated landmarks are to be found along Tomsk's Ulitsa Tatarskaya and the Ulitsa Krasnoarmeyskaya, where tourists will find a number of hard-to-miss attractions, such as the Dragon House, the Peacock House and the Russian-German House.

Other leading tourist attractions within Siberia's city of Tomsk include the Ploshchad Lenina, the Prospekt Lenina and of course the Resurrection Hill, which is a great historical significance. Close by, other imposing landmarks in this part of Tomsk include the Italianate-style Catholic Church on the cobblestone Ulitsa Bakunina, which dates from the 1830s, and also the Voznesenskaya Church on the Ulitsa Oktyabrsky Vzvoz. This church is a truly magnificent Gothic building, featuring no less than five tall black spires, tipped with gold.

Picture showing the Ploshchad Lenina

Ploshchad Lenina

Address: Ploshchad Lenina, Tomsk, Russia, RU
The Ploshchad Lenina lies within the centre of Tomsk and cannot really be classed as an actual square, instead being more of a mixture of extremely attractive and beautifully restored historical buildings, along with a number of less appealing concrete Soviet structures. Tourists will find that the main attractions on the Ploshchad Lenina is without doubt the Lenin Statue / Lenin Monument, which now resides in the centre of a roundabout and points towards the Tomsk Drama Theatre. Next to the theatre, landmarks include the Epiphany Cathedral (1784), some historic trading arches, the modern Iverskaya Chapel and the Art Nouveau features of the 1000 Melochey Shop.
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Photo of the university on the Prospekt Lenina

Prospekt Lenina

Address: Prospekt Lenina, Tomsk, Russia, RU
With elegant architecture and a huge selection of cafes, the Prospekt Lenina is a lively street, full of almost endless sightseeing opportunities and particularly appealing to those in the Nakhanovicha area. One attraction not to miss is the Atashev Palace, when was constructed in the early 1840s for wealthy gold-mining businessman Ivan Atashev. and regularly hosts concerts within its grand organ hall. The landmark buildings of the Tomsk State University (TSU) are also to be found around the Prospekt Lenina and are well-known for their attractive colonnaded structures, especially the gleaming white main building. Almost 25,000 students currently study within the university's 22 departments. Finally, don't overlook the poignant WWII Memorial of a mother and son, which marks the end of the Prospekt Lenina attractions and is to be found within the Lagerny Gardens.
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Resurrection Hill

Address: Resurrection Hill, Tomsk, Russia, RU
Resurrection Hill is amongst the most well-known tourist attractions in Tomsk and played an important part in history, as this was the very location where the city's original fortress once stood. As part of the recent 400 year anniversary celebrations, a replica of the actual Golden Gate was reconstructed here in wood and has become a much-loved local landmark. The Golden Gate is easy to spot, since it features a tall central tower, complete with domed roof.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: free