Novosibirsk Restaurants and Dining

(Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia)

Picture of central hotel restaurantIf you've come to Novosibirsk looking forward to finding some traditional Russian restaurants then you won't be disappointed. However, neither will those who prefer charcoal grills, oriental cuisine, Mexican food, Middle Eastern flavours and inexpensive pizzas, since many international dining options and cheap eateries have now invaded Novosibirsk and often target the tourist market.

Many Russian restaurants in Novosibirsk offer a range of appetisers (zakuski), which provide something to nibble on and start your mouth watering, as you drink your vodka. These appetisers are a great way to start your Siberian dining experience and are almost always covered in creamy mayonnaise, ranging from olives and caviar, to salads and Russian bliny (small pancakes).

Further photo of hotel in the city centre

What to Eat

With such harsh winters and contrasting warm summers in Novosibirsk, it is hardly surprising that the seasonal changes are reflected in the food served at Russian restaurants, with winter stews and summer salads with shredded meat to be expected. However, soups seem to be served all through the year and no Russian meal is really considered to be completed within being accompanied by some kind of soup. Particular favourites include 'solyanka' (meat, potato and pickled vegetable soup) and 'shchi' (a type of cabbage soup).

Where to Eat

The choice of restaurants and dining options around central Novosibirsk seems almost endless, particularly around the Ploshchad Lenina. There is also a huge selection of eateries and lively Irish pubs to be found along the Ulitsa Lenina, the Krasny Prospekt and the Vokzalnaya Magistral, just a short stroll from the Ploshchad Lenina.

Some of the most inexpensive restaurants in Novosibirsk lie across the river and along the Ulitsa Karla Marksa, close to the Metro Studencheskaya station. The prices here tends to be a little cheaper and therefore provide the best value.