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(Tomsk, Siberia, Russia)

Aerial picture of the cityOne of the true treasures within the Siberia area of the Russian Federation, the city of Tomsk is overflowing with tourist appeal and also boasts an especially rich history, dating back some 400 years. Tomsk is really one of the most interesting and enjoyable cities that you could possibly visit in Siberia.

The appealing combination of detailed 'wooden lace' mansions and some extremely old and attractive commercial buildings contrast with Tomsk's more modern outlook and approach to life today. There is a definite youthful vibe about Tomsk, which is helped in no small part by its sizable university campus and its plentiful academic establishments, meaning that the summer months can be quiet at times.

Tomsk is close to nature and just outside of the city are many beautiful forests and woodlands made from pine trees, offering pleasant distance views. Tourism in this often overlooked city is definitely on the increase and the city's tourist information office (Tomskturist) on the Prospekt Lenina has never been busier, being more than happy to arrange English-language guided tours of the city.

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Tomsk Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

Steeped in history, Resurrection Hill is a good place to begin your sightseeing in Tomsk and when the city was actually founded in 1604, it was atop this hill that the original fortress stood. The relatively recent addition of the wooded Golden Gate has been greeted with great enthusiasm by the locals and boasts a tall, domed central tower. The Prospekt Lenina is an important central axis and lined with seemingly endless cafes and some notable tourist attractions, which include the Atashev Palace and the Tomsk State University (TSU). Home to the famous statue of Lenin, the Ploshchad Lenina is also where you will be able to find landmarks, such as the Epiphany Cathedral and the Iverskaya Chapel. More information about Tomsk Tourist Attractions and Landmarks.

Photo of Lenin SquareThose interested in finding out more information about the city should check out the Tomsk History Museum on Resurrection Hill. This museum is really worth visiting for its wooden lookout tower alone, where from the top you are treated to some truly mind-blowing views of Tomsk and on a fine day, far beyond. You will learn a great deal about the Communist years at the Oppression Museum, and be able to appreciate some striking contemporary paintings and the Tomsk Oblast Art Museum, along with some interesting 19th-century portraiture. More information about Tomsk Museums and Art Galleries.

View of the Tom RiverSiberia is a vast region and while Tomsk is reasonably close to some important towns and cities, most cannot be visited in just one day and really lend themselves to short breaks. Novosibirsk is a huge and extremely lively city and a great place to come for nightlife. Minusinsk too is worth visiting if you have the time and its Vilner Palace and Saviour's Cathedral are particular favourites for many. More information about Tomsk Attractions Nearby.

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