Warsaw Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland)

Warsaw Photo of horse and carriage ride around the Old TownThe city of Warsaw is filled with interesting districts and a total of 18 different boroughs. Within each one of these boroughs is a range of neighbourhoods, many of which are residential or commercial. Others are extremely suitable for tourists and brimming with history, particularly those around Warsaw city centre.

If you come to Warsaw then you simply must visit the acclaimed Old Town district, known to the Polish as the Stare Miasto. The New Town district is actually far from new and this historic area has grown up around the Rynek Nowego Miasta (New Town Market Square), which forms the very heart of the neighbourhood.

Photo of the Royal Castle in the Stare Miasto district

Stare Miasto District (Old Town)

The Old Town is where you will find endless historic attractions, such as the Gothic-style Barbican (Barbykan) on the Ulica Nowomiejska, and close by the double ring of ancient 14th- and 15th- century City Walls (Miejskie Mury Obronne). The oldest church in the whole of Warsaw stands proudly within the Stare Miasto district and along the Ulica Swietojanska, while equally impressive is the beautiful Royal Castle on the cobblestone Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square).

View of architecture in the New Town (Nowy Miasto)

New Town District (Nowy Miasto)

Although the actual New Town Market Square (Rynek Nowego Miasta) was originally rectangular in shape, many changes have been made to the surrounding buildings and as a result, the Rynek Nowego Miasta of today is actually now more triangular in appearance. Within Nowy Miasto, look out for the St. Casimir's Church (Kosciól Sw. Kazimierza) on Ulica Chelmska, the 17th-century Krasinski Palace on the Plac Krasinskich, and the smallest house in the whole of Warsaw, which is located on the Ulica Dluga and is actually part of the Church of the Holy Spirit, resembling little more than a kiosk.

Photo showing the centre of the Mokotow area

Mokotów District

With a total of more than 200,000 residents, Mokotów is one of the most densely populated districts in Warsaw and features the neighbourhoods of Augustówka, Czerniaków, Sadyba and Old Mokotów (Stary Mokotów), an area filled with history and character. Despite being a fairly built-up area, Mokotów is surprisingly green and boasts a series of interconnecting parks. Many concerts are regularly held at the Palac Szustra (Szuster Palace) along the Ulica Pulawska, the home of the city's famous Moniuszko Music Society.

Praga Pólnoc District

Much of Praga Pólnoc is dominated by the two red spires of the St. Florian Cathedral, which stands proudly along the Ulica Florianska and was rebuilt in the early 1970s, also going by the name of the Cathedral of Praga. Many charming 19th-century houses are grouped around the Placu Weteranów, so be sure to bring your camera. Also worth a look in Praga Pólnoc district is the Praski Park, the Zabkowska Street, and the Warszawskie Zoo (Municipal Zoological Garden) on the Ulica Ratuszowa, which is filled with everything from polar bears to zebras.

Picture of the Ochota neighbourhood from above

Ochota District

Ochota comprises a series of small neighbourhoods, such as those of Filtry, Rakowiec, Stara Ochota and Szczesliwice. Within the district, the Szczesliwicki Park (Park Szczesliwicki) is a definite highlight and features a number of lakes and a ski slope, complete with artificial snow. Tourists often visit the Ochoty Theatre (Teatr Ochoty) along the Ulica Reja.

Wola District

Formerly a premier industrial district and centre of commerce within Warsaw, the neighbourhood of Wola is currently enjoying a period of change and has become far more appealing to tourists. A number of museums are now important draw cards within Wola, such as the Warsaw Rising Museum on the Ulica Grzybowska, which is famed for its multimedia exhibits and just a short walk from the Hilton Hotel. The main neighbourhoods within Wola include Kolo, Mirów, Nowolipki, Powazki and Mlynów.

Zoliborz District

The traditional district of Zoliborz is home to the neighbourhoods of Marymont Potok and Sady Zoliborskie. Zoliborz is where you will find the landmarks such as the Citadel (Pawilony Cytadeli), the St. Stanislaus Kostka Church and the Church of the Virgin Mary. The cinemas of Muranów (Ulica Gen Andersa) and Wisla (Plac Wilsona) are also located within Zoliborz.