Warsaw Art Galleries

(Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland)

Photo of the Centre for Contemporary ArtWith a number of quality art galleries scattered around the city centre, art lovers in Warsaw will find plenty of paintings and sculptures to enjoy. Located within the Nowy Miasto (New Town) area of Warsaw, the Academy of Fine Arts Museum showcases the works of art students and local up-and-coming Polish artists, while the Warsaw Art Gallery in Royal Way offers the chance to purchase some inexpensive pieces from local artists.

If modern art is more your thing, then the Warsaw Centre for Contemporary Art is worth finding and is actually part of the magnificent Ujazdowski Castle. Many highly regarded art exhibitions are regularly staged here within its spacious galleries, together with film screenings and other art-related events.

Further art galleries within Warsaw include Gallery 32, where inexpensive paintings, sculptures and jewellery are all displayed side by side, and the Gallery of the Association of Polish Artistic Photographers, which is located within an extension of the Royal Castle and regularly features the works of acclaimed Polish and international photographers.

Exterior picture of the Academy of Fine Arts Museum

Academy of Fine Arts Museum

Address: Ulica Krakowskie Przedmiescie 5, Warsaw, PL-00068, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 022 320 0200

Art Gallery

Address: 17 Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Warsaw, PL-00071, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 022 828 5170

Foksal Gallery

Address: 1 Ulica Foksal, Warsaw, PL-00033, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 022 827 6243

Centre for Contemporary Art

Address: Ujazdowski Castle, Al Ujazdowski 6, Warsaw, PL-00401, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 022 628 1271

Gallery 32

Address: 32 Rynek Starego Miasta, Warsaw, PL-02270, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 022 635 1625

Gallery of the Association of Polish Artistic Photographers

Address: 8 Plac Zamkowy, Warsaw, PL-00277, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 022 831 0386

Kordegarda Gallery

Address: Ulica Krakowskie Przedmiescie 15-17, Warsaw, PL-00071, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 022 620 0231