Attractions Nearby Warsaw, Day Trips and Excursions

(Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland)

Picture showing Lodz city centreApart from the many attractions within Warsaw itself, Poland's Masovia province is well worth exploring. A popular national park on the north-westerly outskirts of Warsaw and within central Poland, the Kampinos National Park is simply enormous and filled with Polish flora, fauna and recreational attractions.

Located in Portland's Western Mazovia region and just a short distance to the south-west of Warsaw, Lódz is the country's second-biggest city and currently home to a number of leading attractions and a rapidly increasing population approaching 800,000 people. The city of Radom is also close by, which boasts a number of popular festivals, such as the Radom Air Show, held every other year in August.

Photo of the Teatr Wielki in Lodz


Lódz is a lively and appealing city, with some impressive Art Nouveau attractions and a number of leading film studios, although the city does not enjoy the tourism levels that it perhaps should. Warsaw visitors should start sightseeing at the insightful Historical Museum of Lódz (Muzeum Historii Miasta Lodzi), and progress to the Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology (Muzeum Archeologiczne i Ethnograficzne), the Modern Art Museum (Muzeum Sztuki), the City Art Gallery (Miejska Galeria Sztuki), the Textile Museum (Centralne Muzeum Wlokiennictwa), and the beautifully landscaped Lódz Botanical Gardens.

View of the Kampinos National Park (Kampinoski Park)

Kampinos National Park (Kampinoski National Park)

Currently amongst Poland's very biggest national parks, Kampinos is around 385 square kilometres / 149 square miles in size and includes both densely forested areas and sandy dunes. The main wildlife attractions include beavers, boars, deer, elks, foxes, lynxes and many wild birds. Just west of Kampinos village itself, the Museum Puszczy Kampinoskeij is home to an interesting outdoor collection of traditional forest buildings, along with an exhibition about the numerous national parks in Poland.

Imgae of central Radom


A centrally located Polish city with around 230,000 residents, Radom is just under 100 km / 62 miles south of Warsaw. The main attractions include the castle-like City Hall, which is just over 150 years old, the 13th-century St. Waenceslaus Church within the Old Town Square, and the Cathedral of Virgin Mary, which dates back to 1899 and features neo-Gothic style architecture. Art lovers in Radom should search out the Jacek Malczewski Museum, where many impressive paintings by this famous Polish artist are displayed in all their glory.

Picture of the Chopin House in Zelazowa Wola

Zelazowa Wola

A small and surprisingly popular village some 50 km / 31 miles from Warsaw, Zelazowa Wola is situated alongside the Utrata River and borders the Kampinos National Park. The main attractions in Zelazowa Wola are based around the world-famous composer and pianist, Frédéric Chopin, who was born here in 1810. Piano recitals are regularly performed by leading virtuosos at Chopin's house, which has become a museum with fascinating memorabilia and pleasant gardens.