Assisi Maps and Orientation

(Assisi, Umbria, Italy)

Skyline image of the town and hillsideThe medieval town of Assisi is located in central Italy, within the region of Umbria and the Perugia province. Assisi lies next to Mount Subasio and the Apennine mountains, and is home to a population rapidly approaching 30,000 people.

Relatively close to the cities of Rome in Italy's Lazio region and Florence in Tuscany, Assisi enjoys a hilltop situation and is home to no less than two castles. Due to its elevated setting, subsequently the town offers some truly outstanding, scenic views.

Maps and Orientation of the Town

During the busy tourist season in the summer, Assisi can become busy, particularly at the weekends. However, if you choose to explore early in the morning, the streets are peaceful and quite empty, allowing you to fully appreciate the stone architecture to its best advantage.

The very heart of Assisi is home to the spreading Piazza del Comune and this square is close to the main restaurants and sights, many of which line the Corso Mazzini. Directly north-west of the Piazza del Comune, the Via Portica and also the Via San Paolo offer a direct route to the Basilica di San Francesco. If you require maps of the city, Assisi has a number of different tourist offices, situated next to the Porta Nuova and also on the Piazza del Comune itself.

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Map of Assisi

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