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For History and Religious Buffs
We were a bit disappointed with coming here. We thought it would be a good day out from where we were, but it is mostly just old buildings. That can be lovely, but it just wasn't that fun and a long way from where we were staying.
Posted on 08/9/2011 by Angie Watson

View From the Top
Best views are from the top of the basilica. We got some great photographs of the town and green pastures, but be sure to take water.
Posted on 04/6/2011 by Nathan Nunez

A Way to Fill the Time
Be sure to take plenty of water if you are there in the summer. Assisi is quite dry and hot at times. It definitely feels like tourist central. As such, the people living and working there are not all that welcoming to foreigners, but the buildings really are beautiful and it is a great way to see the countryside.
Posted on 21/5/2010 by Carol Taylor

Re. Not on Weekends
I agree that it is to read about the history before you go. We were kind of bored with it until we picked up a book and had a glance at it over lunch. Then you could see the significance of everything.
Posted on 15/5/2010 by Tom Young

Not on Weekends
Go during the week - less tourists. The weekend is not the best time to go for it has so many tourists. The Temple of Minerva is probably the most popular attraction. It would be more interesting to read about it before you go.
Posted on 21/11/2009 by Lee Reid

More Peace
I quite enjoy. I like to travel around and see the new place. The shopping is nothing special, but I enjoy to walk around everywhere and stop for some food or drink at the café. Just the atmosphere is so nice and you can learn more about the culture in a quiet town - it is ok.
Posted on 10/9/2009 by Inger Buch