Corfu Shopping and Districts

(Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece)

Picture of local shopsHoliday makers staying on the island of Corfu are likely to want to stay back a souvenir or memory of their Ionian stay, and there are plenty of shopping opportunities here. Some of the most popular souvenirs on Corfu include the very tasty local honey, leather goods, and also the island's very own olive oil.

Those shopping for honey will find the best on offer is generally to be found within Kythira, while if olive oil is one your shopping list, then Paxi is the place for you. Many shops around both Paxi and Corfu Town have become well known for their handcrafted objects, many of which are often carved in extraordinary detail and made from olive wood, including items such as toys, ornaments and beautiful salad bowls.

Photo of local stores and street

Where to Shop

Other gift ideas to check out when shopping in Corfu Town is some of the island's rather famous 'mandolato' nougat, its 'tagari' woolen bags, and its rather flavoursome kumquat liqueur.

Many of the women living in villages around the island make lace and embroidered linens, using the same traditional methods that they have for decades, so look out for these also, which are best found in the mountain villages, rather than the main tourist resorts.