Corfu Restaurants and Dining

(Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece)

Coastal restaurant view showing breathtaking viewsThe traditional Greek cuisine served at many restaurants all over Corfu has been greatly shaped by history and many different cultures, with a very noticeable influenced providing by Italian dining. There are many tasty dishes available at restaurant on Corfu, generally being packed with strong flavours, such as garlic and strong herbs.

When it comes to Greek food, olive oil is a given, and visitors should really try to experience how a real Greek salad looks and tastes, coming complete with olives, chopped tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and olive oil, with Feta cheese often throw in for good measure. Corfu restaurants cater well for visitors who require a different kind of cuisine and dining venues around the island serve everything from pizzas and burgers, to pasta and simple filled rolls.

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What to Eat

There are a number of popular speciality dishes which regularly make an appearance on the menus of Greek restaurants around Corfu. Worth looking out for when dining out are:

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Where to Eat

Around the back streets of Corfu you will find a host of kebab shops, serve pita bread crammed with meat, sauce and salad, Greek style. Authentic Greek kebabs make a great snack and are very affordable, although for fine dining, the restaurants within Corfu Town itself and hard to beat.

Start by taking a stroll around the Plateia Dimarchiou (Town Hall Square) and in particular, around the Kapodistriou and Guilford areas, where restaurants are at their most abundant. Alternatively, head on down to Corfu Town's Liston, have a coffee and one of the many cafes with outdoor seating, sit back and enjoy some serious people watching.