Attractions Nearby Dresden, Day Trips and Excursions

(Dresden, Saxony, Germany)

Photo of the Fernsehturm Wachwitz (TV Tower)Many exceptional attractions lie outside of Dresden's city boundaries and include a number of important cities, charming towns and picture-postcard villages.

Many attractions nearby Dresden are to be found around the neighbouring Saxon Switzerland and scenic countryside around the Lusatian hills, where walking trails and breathtaking views are waiting to be experienced and enjoyed.

Suiting tourists from Dresden, the neighbouring city of Meissen and its legendary porcelain is worthy of some time, as is the steam railway within the town of Radebeul, and the simply stunning Moritzburg Castle in the village of Moritzburg.

The most popular attractions nearby Dresden are below.


Meissen is a city like no other and home to a renowned porcelain factory, which has become famous all around the world and has been producing quality ceramics for around 300 years. Located 26 km / 16 miles north-west of Dresden, much of Meissen's wealth has been gained by its prestigious porcelain industry, while for others, the attractions of the Gothic Meissen Cathedral and its medieval fortress of Albrechtsburg Castle are the true highlights.


Located around 8 km / 5 miles north of Dresden, the town of Radebeul is known for its many vineyards and surrounding wineries. Boasting an almost Mediterranean feel and a particularly attractive landscape, the main attractions within Radebeul include Belvedere Palace, the Karl May Museum and an extremely popular narrow-gauge railway, which is powered by a stream train and links nearby Moritzburg, passing beautiful scenery along the way, including many large lakes.


Lying within the Meissen region of Saxony and often considered a suburb, Moritzburg is a small, yet appealing market village. Much of Moritzburg is surrounded by lakes and the village has hosted its busy markets since the latter part of the 17th century. Amongst the main attractions, the breathtaking, lakeside Schloss Moritzburg (Moritzburg Castle / Palace) is not to be missed. A baroque-style hunting lodge dating back to the mid-16th century, Moritzburg Castle features a moat, exhibition of local works, period furnishings and a number of seasonal events, which include a major stallion parade.


A town with almost 40,000 inhabitants and plenty of interest, Riesa stands around 48 km / 30 miles north-west of Dresden. Riesa features a rather unusual attraction, an iron sculpture of a tree trunk, which towers around 25 metres / 82 feet in height and is often referred to as the 'rusty oak' or officially 'Elbquelle'. Periodically, Riesa hosts prominent Sumo wrestling championships and regular football matches, where its local club of TSV Stahl Riesa often plays.