Nuremberg Restaurants and Dining

(Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany)

Photo of cafe tables and parasolsRanging from quick eats, such as tasty sandwiches, soups and potato packages, to gourmet dining suitable for even the most accomplished foodie, the many cafes and restaurants in Nuremberg are easy to find. Often located next to the main attractions, museums and public squares, many new restaurants are making an appearance on the dining scene in Nuremberg and suit all tastes, including many trendy and chic options.

The sausages within Nuremberg are amongst the most famous in the whole of Germany and not to be missed. There is strong rivalry between Nuremberg's sausages and those in nearby Regensburg, which lies to the south-east, and local sausages often make several appearances on the menus of the city's restaurants and pubs. Sausages are often flame grilled and served with potato salad and sauerkraut - a dining experience to truly savour.

What to Eat

A real taste of Germany is available at the many traditional restaurants around Nuremberg, where pot roasts, bratwurst sausages, sauerkraut cabbage, freshwater fish and steins of local beer are all readily available. Breakfast (Frühstück) usually consists of a bread roll with cheese, sliced meat or liver sausage spread (leberwurst), while for many locals, dining out at lunchtime is especially important and this is often treated as the meal of the day. Popular local specialities available at Nuremberg's German restaurants often include:

Where to Eat

Full of trendy restaurants and tasty cheap eats, central Nuremberg and the area surrounding the Hauptbahnhof train station is always a good place to start your dining experience. Many of the most noteworthy restaurants, beer gardens and cafes are to be discovered within the charming Altstadt district, often spilling onto the pavements during the summer months.

The main dining hotspots and clusters of eateries within Old Town Nuremberg are to be found around the Bahnhofstrasse, Bergstrasse, Färberstrasse, Glöckleinsgasse, Hallplatz, Hauptmarkt, Lorenzer Platz, Obstmarkt and Rathausplatz areas. Within these locations and throughout the city of Nuremberg, you can be sure of one thing, you will never be far from a sausage!