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(Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)

Photo of the cityscapeHome of the prestigious Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg (30,000+ students), the most historic university in the whole of Germany, dating back to the late 14th century, Heidelberg is a true city of culture. The Heidelberg cityscape is instantly recognisable, comprising many attractive baroque-style red-roofed structures, which lines the banks around the winding Neckar River.

Much of central Heidelberg is dominated by its imposing, elevated castle ruins, known locally as simply the 'Schloss', boasting impressive Gothic-Renaissance remains and an impressive castle courtyard. Heidelberg Castle is a great way to begin your sightseeing and can be reached by a scenic funicular railway, affording superb cityscape views from the top.

Many tourists visiting the city choose to purchase the Heidelberg Card, a discount card offering great savings on transport, museums, theatres and even some dining venues. Discount cards are available at Heidelberg's tourist information centres, which are located close to the castle, outside of the train station (Hauptbahnhof) and on the Neckarmünzplatz.

Image of the Bridge Gate

Heidelberg Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

Heidelberg boasts many impressive tourist attractions, with plenty to keep you occupied during your stay. Highlights include the popular walking tours - offering in-depth information about Heidelberg's premier district of the Altstadt, where history awaits; Bergbahn - a historic mountain railway dating back more than 100 years; Neckar River Cruise - a pleasant way to view much of Heidelberg, with boat trips lasting several hours; Neuenheim Market - offering a true taste of traditional German life, with fresh produce and plenty of stalls to explore; the Philosophenweg - a particularly scenic and elevated pathway, overlooking much of Heidelberg and its many prominent buildings; and the University Botanic Gardens - known locally as the Botanischer Garten der Universitat and dating back to the 16th century. More information about Heidelberg Tourist Attractions.

Picture of the Old BridgeAround Heidelberg, many historic landmarks and buildings add a recognisable character to the city. Of particular interest is the Bridge Gate (Breckentor) - an impressive medieval Bridge Gate, which stands next to the Old Bridge (Alte Brucke); Heidelberg Castle - a magnificent fortress, overlooking much of the Old Town area and hard to miss; Schwetzingen Castle - located just outside of Heidelberg and boasting stunning gardens; Thingstatte - the remains of a large open-air amphitheatre constructed by the Nazis; and the Palais Boissereé - a striking former palace famed for its medieval facade and visiting exhibitions. More information about Heidelberg Landmarks.

The city of Heidelberg is home to many excellent museums and art galleries. Each March, the extremely popular 'Long Night of the Museums' is a major event, where the main museums remain open all through the night. The top museums in Heidelberg include the University Museum - with information about the city's acclaimed university, the oldest in Germany; Textile Museum - celebrating the city's textile industry and production methods; Heidelberg Art Gallery - hosting many displays and exhibitions of both international and national pieces; and the Museum of Ancient Art - home to an outstanding archaeological collection of art works. More information about Heidelberg Museums and Heidelberg Art Galleries.

Nearby Heidelberg, a wealth of tourist attractions and culture is just waiting to be discovered. When staying in Heidelberg, consider a visit to the northerly city of Frankfurt Am Main and its many breathtaking skyscrapers, the historic Altstadt district within nearby Mainz, the magnificent 18th-century Mannheim Palace in the city of Mannheim, the grand 11th-century within the charming medieval town of Speyer, and the Baroque atmosphere in Stuttgart, where the main tourist attractions include the Wilhelmaz zoological and botanical gardens, Ludwigsburg Palace and gallons of regional wine. More information about Heidelberg Attractions Nearby.

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