St. Tropez Restaurants and Dining

(St. Tropez, Provence-Alpes Cote d'Azur, France)

Photo of St. Tropez eateryThere is no mistaking that Saint Tropez is a major tourist destination and as such, caters well for visitors looking for a memorable dining experience. Plenty of restaurants and traditional bistros are available all over Saint Tropez, with some of the most popular overlooking the beaches, the yachts around the marina, and coastline of the French Riviera.

The French cuisine on offer at Saint Tropez restaurants is quite distinctive and different from the rest of France. When dining out here, you will quickly notice that dishes have been strongly influenced by the flavours and spices of the Mediterranean, such as olive oil. The plentiful supply of seafood and dairy produce is another important factor.

Further image of St. Tropez summer diners

Where to Eat

The best selection of restaurants, cafes and similar eateries in St. Tropez are to be found around the Quai Jean Jaurès and in the region of the Old Port (Vieux Port).

Fine dining here is generally very affordable and the menus are usually very appealing, as are the wine lists, which generally feature wines from around the Rhone Valley.

Picture of St. Tropez al fresco tablesFurther dining opportunities in Saint Tropez present themselves around the Pont des Pechures, located on the northern part of the Rue des Remparts. Good restaurants are also to be found littered around the pedestrianised alleyways off the Rue Allard, and directly south of the Old Port, on the Place des Lices.

However, the cafe brasseries on the Place des Lices are a little commercial for some and very much aimed at the tourist market, while others enjoy the views of locals playing boules.