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Re. Plage de Pampelonee
There are also some good beach clubs in this area such as Le Club 55 where you can relax and buy refreshments.
Posted on 19/2/2012 by Anne Clark

Plage de Pampelonee
We made use of the shade at the Nikki Beach parking which was very convenient and shady. The sea was calm enough to swim and we enjoyed lunch at one of the beachside restaurants. Some of the restaurants are very expensive but we discovered some cheaper options at the end of the beach. We took our own umbrellas and chair but you can also rent them at the beach.
Posted on 19/2/2012 by Rachael Coleman

Place des Market
The fresh fruit, olives and croissants we bought at this market were delicious. There are also clothes on sale and my friend bought two pretty dresses. The market is located in the centre of the town and it is surrounded by trees and benches where you can rest. The market starts at 8 am and its best to get there as early as possible. Other items on sale include hats, spices and cheese.
Posted on 29/8/2011 by Peter Carter

We bought fresh fruit, bread and cheese from the local market and went for a walk and picnic by the Zitadelle. I enjoyed seeing the architecture along the way and the buildings are constructed from stone.
Posted on 09/10/2008 by Shaun Campbell

Fun in the Sun
We headed to the park to relax in the sun and watch the locals playing boules. The trees offered some shade once the day got hotter.
Posted on 05/6/2008 by Stasio Kowalski