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The 24-Hour Race in Le Mans
We came here for one thing and one thing only - the 24 hour Le Mans race. It was such a godo atmosphere. We staying in a nearby campsite and bought our food from a nearby hypermarket. We joined the crowds in the afternoon and paid for a good stretch of the track. It was very exciting, especially when there was a bit of a crash right in front of us. Great atmosphere - we were all there for the same thing so everyone had something in common.
Posted on 16/09/2007 by Gil Wilkie

Waling around the Old Town
Whatever you are coming to Le Mans for, you should try and check out the Old Town. We enjoyed a lovely walk around the Old Town and the Cathedral. There are a lot of historical houses lining the Rue Berengere and an interesting Museum of History.
Posted on 2206/2007 by Fabian

Beautiful St. Julian's Cathedral (Cathédrale St. Julien du Mans)
St. Julian's Cathedral is one of the city's most impressive buildings and it is named after the city's very first bishop. The Romanesque West Facade is a real treat and quite unexpected. If you look closely at the stonework you can see where it has been extended.
Posted on 22/06/2007 by Fabian

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