Scarborough Maps and Orientation

(Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, UK)

Aerial view of the headland and baysLocated on the south-easterly edge of the North Yorkshire Moors and alongside the North Sea coastline, Scarborough is a modern town and popular seaside resort combined. Originally a fishing town, Scarborough was once centred around the historic Old Harbour, which is somewhat sheltered by a rocky headland.

The town's geography is particularly unusual, and the splendid castle ruins rather dominate the landscape, being perched up high on a promontory and overlooking the seafront, separating the North Bay from the South Bay. Much of the tourist scene in Scarborough is now focused around the redeveloped South Bay area, due to its sweeping sandy beach, seaside amusements and theatres.

Maps and Orientation of the Town

The more commercial centre of Scarborough now lies just a short distance to the north-west of the Old Harbour, on a high plateau, and is where you will find local transport, shops and nightspots. Generally more peaceful and quiet, the North Bay still offers a number of very worthwhile attractions, being home to Peasholm Park and its large boating lake, and still has its fair share of amusements, fish and chip shops, and seaside promenades.

To the south, Scarborough's appealing Victorian development is actually separated from the town centre by a deep valley, where it is connected by high bridges. Maps of the town can be useful if you are walking between attractions and are easy to come by.

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