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Beautiful, Relaxing Fun Town By the Sea
Really enjoyed that they had surfing. I took a one day course with Scarborough Surf School. Well worth it.
Posted on 21/10/2011 by Ainsley Carlson

Re. Beach and Castle Are Highlights
Really? We thought there was plenty to do especially for kids. There are a few animal parks, fairs, the rock pool, BMX park etc. The view from the castle is a highlight though.
Posted on 25/6/2009 by Andre Guzman

Beach and Castle Are Highlights
Not so much to see but the castle on top of the hill. This had a great view of the sea and city. The beach was okay but quite cool.
Posted on 11/6/2009 by David Cruz

Sea Air and Sea Food
There was some delicious seafood and of course the famous English fish and chips on the harbour were excellent. For a nice walk with your friend or loved one, take the Spa Footbridge. It has very nice views.
Posted on 25/4/2011 by Nicolas Reme

Brilliant Nightlife
There's definitely a lot to do here at night more than some of the other seaside towns. Amazing pubs every couple of blocks. Starting at the top of town is a pub-crawl that most folks like to follow. It is a good way to meet some people and usually ends at the train station where you can catch a cab back to where you're staying.
Posted on 22/3/2010 by Matt Norris

Easy Going
It was one of the most beautiful places we went to visit in England. We liked the beach and the trails to walk on. Nice place.
Posted on 15/2/2008 by Susann Norling